6 months later: American Portrait

What has 6 months of Trump been like for you? We meet a 17-year-old Muslim woman in the Bronx, in the first of an original series.

07/18/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Tabbi C.
    07/18/2017 15:52

    This is staged

  • Hebh J.
    07/18/2017 15:53


  • Cindy C.
    07/18/2017 16:04

    Wake up call Trump has nothing to do with the way americans feel get it right,do you home work go talk to the american people instead of putting blame where it dont belong

  • Kathy G.
    07/18/2017 16:11

    Oh please...these people need to get a grip. Trump has done nothing but win the Presidency...get over it!

  • LJ M.
    07/18/2017 16:16

    Victims everywhere. Omg

  • Bill D.
    07/18/2017 16:20

    Amazing and sad how many humans allow themselves to be a puppet in doctrine, dress code, and division. True humanity has nothing to do with any religion or practice or programmed dress code, it comes from the heart. As long as we continue to think that we are different from each other or mandated to a set of rules defined in an organized form of governing adherence called Religion, then indeed we will go through another 2,000 years of segregation, discrimination, judgment, and prejudice. Time to empower ourselves as Earth. We are one.

  • Adam D.
    07/18/2017 16:22

    But clearly you haven't been excluded since you are making videos to get attention.

  • Elizabeth P.
    07/18/2017 16:30

    There is nothing more annoying than an american convert . And all of that for some muslim man !!.

  • El C.
    07/18/2017 16:32

    Lies just pure lies

  • Steve N.
    07/18/2017 16:35

    without worldwide cooperation with Muslims we are doomed. Best get on with it. The future depends on it. or to paraphrase Dylan, better get out of the road if you can't lend a hand for the times they are a changing.

  • George S.
    07/18/2017 16:36

    If you come to a Western Country .....why not try to fit in.....Why should we change to accommodate you??? You might start by changing your dress !!!!! Looks pretty uncomfortable anyway....

  • Triveia G.
    07/18/2017 16:37

    Welcome to being black in amerikka, where as if we don't talk or look a certain way, we're targeted

  • Triveia G.
    07/18/2017 16:39

    And look at allllll of the faces of those who came on this video to slam her for what she is saying.........they allllllll look alike......white amerikka

  • Rimon J.
    07/18/2017 16:49

    Let me see if I get this right: If I, from a catholic background, migrate to a lovely muslim country, let's say Tunisia, for example, and start advocating for social justice and start pointing at all their prejudices I consider that affects my way of living there in the way I want, praising the religion I have and the culture I'm from, I wonder what will happen to me...

  • Steve P.
    07/18/2017 17:01

    I don't believe Trump is a catalyst for Americas concerns for securing our borders ... You were a little girl Hebh, when 911 changed the World forever ... It's unfathomable to not understand Americas distrust of Muslims and the Islamic World! ... Sorry to say you will feel this alienation in America for a good portion of, if not the rest of your life ... The unpredictability of Radical Islams capabilities to kill innocence in America and around the World is an awareness that will never go away! ... Like the battle cry "Remember Pearl Harbor" ... Americans will forever remember the Horrors of 911 and the murderers responsible that died for the name of Allah ...

  • Dwight P.
    07/18/2017 17:09

    Do your home work??. I am not your ''American''. I make my own mind up and weigh things within my own heart. I've never been a follower with the pack. This young lady is correct. She should not have to defend her beliefs or her attire. AND WAKE UP CALL!!. TRUMP HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH INFLAMING RACIAL AND RELIGIOUS DIVIDE.

  • Christopher O.
    07/18/2017 17:10

    All of You White people and Very Old Generations always say the same thing. But you all Close your eyes when someone speaks with you that's why you continue to repeat things that are lies. America is not America anymore is not Great either so don't try to defend it. Is been Sinking ever since and it has sinked to the Lowest since that Guy took place in Office. I can't call him a President because he doesn't qualified for it in the First Place. All he has done was Create Chaos between Groups of people who are different. To say that his not is because you're Living under a rock like you have always been doing with all of your life. This Muslim Woman hasn't given up on the Broken Image of This Country so she's fighting for a Change. Muslim people are the Nicest you'll very meet and I will forever and always love my Muslim Friends. White people feel so entitled to be treated like Mansion Guests. Majority of White people I met are Rude they don't have no manners and they raise their kids to be just like them. Is Funny how at the end you'll tell me to Get out of this Country...Poor you ,don't you know I was born here I have seen all this Hate Growing up on people who are different. Muslims don't ruin the Image of America , Immigrants dont Ruin the image of America , Blacks don't ruin the Image of America and much more diversity Groups but do you know what hurts the Image of America? White people because they continue their Child games and it makes America look So Foolish.

  • Cathy E.
    07/18/2017 17:16

    This is pure garbage; muslims have been killing Christians since the 7th century. They are killing Americans and other western people by the day. If she is going to advertise herself as a muslim she is going to be harrased and attacked. It has nothing to do with Mr. Trump; it's a diversionary tactic. All muslims are not islmists; but certainly all islamists are muslims. PDW

  • Spencer A.
    07/18/2017 17:18

    Me too. And I think less folk would listen. If Trump wasn't in office...

  • Peter T.
    07/18/2017 17:28

    The comment section is so toxic.