1. The UK's first nonbinary mayor is just 23

  2. #WhenICallMyselfDisabled: The Power of Language and Identity

  3. Muslim Woman Defends Jewish Family

  4. The life of Lil Nas X

  5. Female genital mutilation survivor is fighting against the practice of cutting girls

  6. Iranian man killed over sexuality

  7. The McDonald's workers strike, explained

  8. The Only Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

  9. Officers charged in violent arrest of elderly woman

  10. The life of Demi Lovato

  11. Priest blesses gay couples

  12. The life of Prince Harry

  13. Gay Conversion Therapy Around the U.S.

  14. For young actors, Broadway dreams crushed by the pandemic

  15. Negzzia: from Iranian model to refugee in Paris

  16. Stand up comedy on the subway during Covid-19

  17. College friends on a mission to end period poverty

  18. Police raid in Brazil kills 29

  19. Man logs into Zoom court hearing named 'Buttf—ker3000'

  20. Liz Cheney ousted from GOP role

  21. The lawyer who took on Chevron

  22. Lawmaker schools legislator on racist language

  23. Here’s how to intervene safely if you're a bystander of a hate crime

  24. 7 Simple questions on what's happening at the U.S.-Mexico border

  25. Artist turns Asian stereotypes into jewelry

  26. This teen is fighting against a Texas anti-trans bill

  27. Protests in Colombia turn deadly

  28. Father of trans teen arrested and dragged out of Arkansas Senate

  29. 50,000 people attended a concert in New Zealand

  30. The truth behind Cinco de Mayo

  31. Bill Gates’ Wake-Up Call

  32. Safety of Peloton treadmill questioned after child death

  33. New evidence in soldier Vanessa Guillén's death in Army's #metoo

  34. These Muslim men perform last rites for Hindu COVID victims

  35. Politicians on racism in America

  36. 6 simple questions about the COVID-19 vaccine trial

  37. The life of Caitlyn Jenner

  38. Priyanka Chopra calls for help with India's deadly 2nd COVID wave

  39. The U.S. recognizes the Armenian genocide for the first time

  40. They're bringing the COVID shot to seniors

  41. Asian American man reflects after being assaulted and blamed for Covid-19

  42. Officers mock woman with dementia after arresting her

  43. Tyler Perry denounces hate at the Oscars

  44. A doctor in India describes the horrors of deadly 2nd COVID wave

  45. 2 members of the transgender community, 2 very different generations

  46. A year of COVID-19 in under 6 minutes

  47. History of the AR-15

  48. Should D.C. become a state?

  49. Greta Thunberg's testimony to Congress on Earth Day

  50. Brut documentary: Meet the trans youth of Puerto Rico

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