1. Donald Trump, according to Donald Trump

  2. Cori Bush becomes Missouri's first Black Congresswoman

  3. This is what Election Day looked like

  4. Lady Gaga's message to voters at Biden's final rally

  5. Trump on the transition of power

  6. What was Bush v. Gore?

  7. Biden by Biden

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  9. Trump vs. Biden: Covid 19

  10. The Dog of the Day of the Dead

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  11. First time voter on why the 2020 election is so important

  12. Women's strike against Poland abortion laws

  13. The 102-year-old voter

  14. Camel rides banned after abuse near Egypt's pyramids

  15. Native American is a Culture — Not a Halloween Costume

  16. Militia leader called the 'Bundy sniper' runs for Idaho state Senate seat

  17. When rappers' politics draw controversy

  18. The Story of Blackface — Past and Present

  19. W.I.T.C.H, the feminist group that cursed Wall Street on Halloween

  20. Trump vs. Biden on taxes

  21. The story of Betty Riddle: from prisoner to paralegal and activist

  22. Doctor brings voter registration to hospitals

  23. Timeline: Trump's family separation policies

  24. Obama on Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong-un

  25. Voting dance parties make long lines bearable

  26. The "Hunger Games" salute, a symbol of Thailand's pro-democracy protests

  27. Republicans who flip-flopped on Trump

  28. 5 times Trump's statements were dubbed jokes

  29. Amy Coney Barrett on Roe v. Wade

  30. 5 simple questions on voting

  31. Donald Trump insults his opponents: 2016 vs. 2020

  32. The Story of Banksy

  33. Woman locked up by husband is rescued

  34. Brut interview: Mary Trump on why her uncle is dangerous

  35. Nigerian army shoots SARS protesters

  36. Deaf TikToker fights for presidential debate interpreters

  37. Highlights of the final presidential debate

  38. Biden vs. Trump on undocumented immigrants

  39. How to moderate the presidential debates, according to a debate coach

  40. TBT: Rep. John Lewis on voter suppression

  41. Barack Obama still has hope amid election

  42. AOC gets the vote out with Twitch live stream

  43. The life of Pope Francis

  44. Ronald Reagan's memorable age joke

  45. 'Lock them up' chant a fixture at Trump rallies

  46. Get your booty to the polls

  47. The life of Ben Crump

  48. Donald Trump's super fan passes away

  49. 13-year-old activist has a message for the president

  50. Donald Trump's relationship with social distancing

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