• Serena D.
    07/21/2019 02:35

    Very good

  • Sylvia O.
    07/18/2019 17:39

    No u can't take my guns

  • Vanessa M.
    07/15/2019 13:30

    An amazing kid. I hope she continues as she gets older. Change the world sweetie! The old people are too stuck in their ways to make necessary changes. They don't care who they hurt.

  • Richard E.
    07/14/2019 22:22


  • Elerre G.
    07/14/2019 21:35

    We need guns, this girl is living in a dream world if she thinks you could avoid being cut or shoot being assaulted

  • Elisabet B.
    07/14/2019 17:19

    Yes, you have to feel sorry for kids having to live in the world we created for them...Hopfully Steven Hawking is right when he predicts only a 100 years before our "civilisation" will implode!

  • Alex E.
    07/14/2019 16:10

    We need guns lol the girl knows nothing

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