• فقیر د.
    09/14/2017 01:41

    He is a just drama

  • Yolanda D.
    09/13/2017 18:24

    Hey cousin

  • Julio V.
    09/12/2017 18:46

    So let's forget about that part in the interview where he said the buildings collapsed like a demolition was taking place. None of my business tho 🐸☕️

  • Marshalee S.
    09/12/2017 18:45

    Lol he played right into the interviewer's hand. It didnt take much effort because he brag all the time.

  • Keeley H.
    09/12/2017 18:27

    Lol most of the video I was like "ok he's not saying anything wrong" spoke too damn soon as usual!

  • Daniel M.
    09/12/2017 16:56

    Never forget 711

  • Julian S.
    09/12/2017 16:25

    Let's not forget Osama Bin Laden was a former CIA agent from the U.S.A. and our government betrayed us. Look it up !

  • Rodrigo R.
    09/12/2017 16:06

    Terrible I seen his videos last year on this

  • Tyler T.
    09/12/2017 15:44

    Refuse to listen to him talk about this. Trump has no respect for this country, its people or their sacrifices.

  • マルティネス カ.
    09/12/2017 15:09

    This is just to make people blind, he could care less what happened to the people or America that day he only cares about his wall and destroying people's hopes and dreams.

  • Lori C.
    09/12/2017 14:44

    Trump and his " I'am bigger and better" the guy has a lot of short comings ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's why he has to remind us all of his great bigly buildings and hoe great he has done.....

  • Diego A.
    09/12/2017 13:15

    The teleprompter king

  • Maeve C.
    09/12/2017 12:54

    r u kidding me

  • Rob M.
    09/12/2017 11:21

    Why was the evidence sold as scrap within days and sent to be recycled to Asian countries? Why? This was evidence? 240,000 tons of steel beams survived. Why wasn't this evidence studied?

  • Chace J.
    09/12/2017 10:07

    Too bad that it will not continue to remain silent!!

  • Jon M.
    09/12/2017 08:59

    Y'all petty focus on real issues

  • Stasiu S.
    09/12/2017 08:16

    He was down there on 711!

  • Alex P.
    09/12/2017 07:25

    That guy don't care

  • Darrin A.
    09/12/2017 06:56

    Does anyone have this video as a youtube link? I cannot locate it. Thanks :)

  • Tina H.
    09/12/2017 06:47

    already.. such a lying loser

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