9/11 commemoration

President Trump held his first 9/11 commemoration. Throwback to his interview from 2001, hours after he witnessed the attack.

09/11/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Catherine S.
    09/11/2017 19:40

    We will never forget

  • Florence L.
    09/11/2017 19:43

    How much proof do you need that they are nothing but puppets?!

  • Dale K.
    09/11/2017 19:44

    People should remember what those nasty goat F==KERS did,we need all these people out of OUR country !!!

  • Jessica L.
    09/11/2017 19:46

    Congratulations, braggart! You now earned the tallest building! Why would you care that 3,000 people just perished?! Millions mourn their lives... but you're proud of your building height status. You're a heartless, unqualified, disgusting disgrace.

  • Diane W.
    09/11/2017 20:02

    God Bless you Mr. President.

  • Jeff H.
    09/11/2017 20:22

    So no one obtains different views in 16 years

  • Chantha M.
    09/11/2017 20:24

    Just remember.. his building at one point was the tallest.

  • Gavin T.
    09/11/2017 20:37

    I am so sick of listening to this morons voice.

  • Reyna I.
    09/11/2017 20:39

    I thought he said during the election that he was watching it on TV in New Jersey and everyone was cheering that it was falling 🤔

  • Luke W.
    09/11/2017 20:51


  • Erica W.
    09/11/2017 21:13

    Today isn't about Donald as president you damn cry babies! Get over it and remember what today is really about remembering, and Donald's words definitely aren't it

  • Julian L.
    09/11/2017 21:47

    “I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.” - Donald Trump

  • Eli S.
    09/11/2017 21:55

    It's all fake.

  • Rey P.
    09/11/2017 21:55

    Lol trash

  • SoBlessedbyhim-Morine M.
    09/11/2017 22:06

    He's so full of fakeness it's nauseating!

  • Torry J.
    09/11/2017 22:10

    Disgusting orange dumpster fire!

  • Jacob H.
    09/11/2017 22:39

    Now we just need bush to do his thing with trump tower 😂 this was a meme so all you anti trump ans trump supporters leave cuz idgaf about politics

  • Justin P.
    09/11/2017 23:08

    "The horror and anguish of that dark day", was he referring to November 9, 2016?

  • Aaron W.
    09/11/2017 23:12

    Who cares right? Y'all the same people waving confederate and Nazi flags and acting like nationalist telling "brown" skin Americans and logical thinking Americans to get over police brutality, Trump, but never forget 9-11? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • BalLords B.
    09/11/2017 23:16