9/11 commemoration

President Trump held his first 9/11 commemoration. Throwback to his interview from 2001, hours after he witnessed the attack.

09/11/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Catherine S.
    09/11/2017 19:40

    We will never forget

  • Florence L.
    09/11/2017 19:43

    How much proof do you need that they are nothing but puppets?!

  • Dale K.
    09/11/2017 19:44

    People should remember what those nasty goat F==KERS did,we need all these people out of OUR country !!!

  • Jessica L.
    09/11/2017 19:46

    Congratulations, braggart! You now earned the tallest building! Why would you care that 3,000 people just perished?! Millions mourn their lives... but you're proud of your building height status. You're a heartless, unqualified, disgusting disgrace.

  • Diane W.
    09/11/2017 20:02

    God Bless you Mr. President.

  • Jeff H.
    09/11/2017 20:22

    So no one obtains different views in 16 years

  • Chantha M.
    09/11/2017 20:24

    Just remember.. his building at one point was the tallest.

  • James J.
    09/11/2017 20:36

    You know what they say, "your words can Haunt you"

  • Gavin T.
    09/11/2017 20:37

    I am so sick of listening to this morons voice.

  • Reyna I.
    09/11/2017 20:39

    I thought he said during the election that he was watching it on TV in New Jersey and everyone was cheering that it was falling 🤔

  • Luke W.
    09/11/2017 20:51


  • Erica W.
    09/11/2017 21:13

    Today isn't about Donald as president you damn cry babies! Get over it and remember what today is really about remembering, and Donald's words definitely aren't it

  • Julian L.
    09/11/2017 21:47

    “I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.” - Donald Trump

  • Eli S.
    09/11/2017 21:55

    It's all fake.

  • Rey P.
    09/11/2017 21:55

    Lol trash

  • SoBlessedbyhim-Morine M.
    09/11/2017 22:06

    He's so full of fakeness it's nauseating!

  • Torry J.
    09/11/2017 22:10

    Disgusting orange dumpster fire!

  • Jacob H.
    09/11/2017 22:39

    Now we just need bush to do his thing with trump tower 😂 this was a meme so all you anti trump ans trump supporters leave cuz idgaf about politics

  • Adam D.
    09/11/2017 22:56

    Can we all just stop the grudges for a Fucking day and remember that thousands of people died in the 9/11 attack, and since then ten's of thousands of soldiers have died in the Middle East defending your right to criticize the president and act like a spoiled little kid. Cut the shit and spend a day remembering the lost lives and the grieving families.

  • Justin P.
    09/11/2017 23:08

    "The horror and anguish of that dark day", was he referring to November 9, 2016?