9 Years of Jon Stewart Fighting for First Responders

The House Judiciary Committee has passed a bill permanently funding the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund — something that Jon Stewart has spent 9 years lobbying for.

06/12/2019 10:33 PM
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  • Bobbie U.
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  • Bernard L.
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    John Stewart 2020

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  • David C.
    6 days

    Hes a hero

  • Brut
    5 days

    This 9/11 first responder will never forget that day — but his work at ground zero left him with more than just horrific memories.

  • Matthew D.
    5 days

    The cancer causing agent isn't reported in the 911 report, So they are saying there's no proof that's how they got it🤔🤫

  • John H.
    5 days

    I'm just wondering why weren't they compensated after 9/11 happened you have workman's comp Social Security disability income why would you wait 20 years for your benefits if somebody could please explain that to me personally the way the building was built firemen have the blueprints in the materials that the building was made out of why did they not make a claim back then if somebody could answer that question I would be highly grateful thank you much

  • सौरभ ब.
    3 days

    it's very sad, to see people have to fight, always for their rights on which, why government bureaucrats always turn blind eye ?