• Clifford C.
    2 hours

    yup keep trying to promote a group that has BURNED our streets and riots and now you think for one sec you want me to sorry for them well fuuck you! the blm has been proven to be nothing more than terror group and the leaders have already admited as such!

  • Quilting L.
    3 hours

    She is our future ❤️

  • Theresa F.
    3 hours

    What a beautiful, beautiful young woman — inside and out! She is very in-tune and intelligent...I could go on. I hope to see more of this sweet young lady — hopefully in politics one day — as President!

  • Hunter B.
    4 hours

    Black on Black crime statistics vs white on black, anyone wana share the facts? What about 500,000 Blacks killed every year at planned parenthood? Anyone care about that? Or is free shoes your answer?

  • Susan A.
    4 hours

    you are a wonderful and brave girl.. and i believe you made a difference , and made this man re-think , what in gods name is he doing there ... bravo xox

  • Brenda S.
    7 hours

    She seems like a really lovely lady. We definitely need more people like her. If all the liberals were like her, we wouldn't have a problem. But from my research, I cannot find any evidence of the Proud Boys being racist. They do seem to be rather extreme in their views and may even be dangerous, but I don't think it involves white supremacy ideology. From what I can tell, they are fighting against the left's agenda to demonize all of traditiinal western culture and values.

  • Thomas T.
    8 hours

    The one unreasonable retort I often hear is” statistically more whites are killed than blacks” and I’m dumbfounded. Your counter protesting something you admit is happening.

  • Nina P.
    10 hours

    Of course. Several of the Proud Boys are married to beautiful BLACK WOMEN and have bi-racial children. Personally, I think Jim Crow Joe Biden mentioned Proud Boys because he hates inter racial marriages. I hope people realize that all the race baiting being done has been coming from the Democratic party. Proud Boys are a multicultural mens group who upholds the constitution and patriotism.

  • Ari G.
    11 hours

    All this is well and good but both factions are missing the main play.😳

  • Ashley T.
    11 hours

    Yaaas girl!! Thank you for sharing. This was definitely an amazing video to watch. You are am amazing person! Continue to strive and make changes in this world. Everyone can change! They just need to believe in themselves to do so!

  • Kevin H.
    12 hours


  • Josh C.
    12 hours

    I like her mentality, but at same time we have to see reality. I’m Gen X. We made major strides, but it’s never gonna change. Even with some new generation of young people becoming active about change, there’s still children being raised in racist environments. There will always be the farm fed country boy white supremacist mentality.

  • Nancy M.
    12 hours

    Keep up the trouble, good trouble, young lady. My generation is proud of you! 💪🏼❤️

  • Denise H.
    12 hours

    Keep being that Beacon of light for the change we are praying for

  • Donnagail D.
    13 hours

    Proud boys are NOT white supremacists. It was started by a black man. The leader at this time is Hispanic and black. This post is bull.

  • Don D.
    13 hours

    This problem has been in the forefront since Rodney King. It was around a lot longer before that. For YEARS it's been the same issue and nothing changes! Hopefully level minds will be able to address and solve issues. How many more years can we go through with no change?

  • Ann C.
    13 hours

    What a smart and beautiful young lady. You give me hope for the future. Thank you.

  • Nancy K.
    14 hours

    Smart girl!

  • Kenneth S.
    15 hours

    Appears he had an American X moment.

  • Karen M.
    16 hours

    Wow! We need people in Washington like this brilliant, young woman.

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