A day in the life of a transgender sex worker

They face violence and discrimination. They are transgender. And they have been sex workers since they were teenagers. This is a day in their lives.

08/01/2020 1:58 PM
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  • Gina P.
    an hour

    Stay safe! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Yadiraesme M.
    an hour

    Mil respetos

  • Racso O.
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  • Rachel R.
    2 hours

    So dangerous

  • Princess A.
    3 hours

    Seek first the kingdom of God and all the things shall be added on to you. Sometimes we are not really contented, we have but still ask for more. There's no temptation you can not overcome if you trust in God. Were there's no God there's no love. You are the one's keeping yourselves in that bondage. You still have time to correct all of this, repent and receive the holy spirit. People don't want to be told the truth but brothers you are not women. If its poverty which is really making you do such, then thats a lie i see that as a choice because in Africa a lot of people suffer and work hard to get even what to put in mouth. You can also try. But i know and thats why i pray for you who say u were born like that. Its just a spirit behind all of this. I pray that God soften your hearts, that u can receive Salvation. Accept the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

  • Latif K.
    4 hours

    amrica main kusro achi market hai

  • Easter K.
    4 hours

    Ouch it hurts to hear her say love is not for us..but for who?

  • Bilal K.
    4 hours

    da loba shuru kai.

  • Niels V.
    4 hours

    stiekem ben je hier he

  • Marianne D.
    5 hours

    I've fallen in love several times but love isn't for us. 💔 I can feel the pain.

  • Maria A.
    5 hours

    I want to feel sorry but they are responsible for a lot of the sexually transmitted dise but it takes two to do the crime shame on those who abuse of these ladies

  • Rachel L.
    6 hours

    Let's love each other a bit more

  • Gabriela R.
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  • Samvel H.
    6 hours

    Have 1000 subscribers active and real on your YouTube channel

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  • Tony C.
    6 hours

    a good watch

  • Andrea M.
    7 hours

    Save this too look

  • Lucy L.
    7 hours

    Im watching to she says Love is not for us.. Im feeling so sad :((

  • Marsha F.
    7 hours

    This world is gonna burn like Sodom and Gomorrah the people are to wicked