A law professor explains police shooting trials

991 people were fatally shot by police officers in 2015 and no officers were convicted. Why?

05/10/2017 2:10 PM
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  • Asifnfaz K.
    05/10/2017 16:00

    is this true

  • Anthony C.
    05/10/2017 16:05

    Well that lady has a big heart by saying that she forgives them there is no justice when it comes down to pigs..

  • Chad G.
    05/10/2017 16:44

    How many people were shot by gangbangers and thugs in 2015.

  • Brandon B.
    05/10/2017 17:04

    I heard that murderous pigs burn better In hell.

  • Isabella S.
    05/10/2017 18:02

    Because the life of a minority isnt shit. To the world we matter less than animals so its open season. It hurts but its true

  • Justin D.
    05/10/2017 22:06

    fuck the police murdering scum

  • Ben G.
    05/10/2017 22:26

    I'd say that they're not 100% at fault. For some dumbass people out there thinking they're tough and a tug where they at now? They walked down their own death path their fault not a cops fault. But some cops yes needed to be put to prison for life!

  • Dai D.
    05/10/2017 23:48

    White people Just Do everything in their power to defend systematic racism . It's always "oh they deserved death" , "he resisted" , "Black on black crime rate is high" . But let somebody kill a wild animal . All of white america be in tears 😂😂🚮

  • Matt B.
    05/11/2017 08:26

    Ignorant fucks... call them pigs now but when somebody breaks in Yo shit or God forbid... your kid is missing you will call these PIGS for help. Don't judge all the same. Smh

  • Tay N.
    05/11/2017 08:43

    Those are good numbers usually its more lls

  • Ryan M.
    05/11/2017 10:12


  • Jonathan W.
    05/11/2017 10:33

    Psshhh victim mentality

  • Artis G.
    05/11/2017 11:01

    And then y'all white people always wonder why it always comes down to race well here you go this shit ain't happening to no other nationality but black people 0 convictions really tho now out of them 900 shootings if half of them were white I guarantee you would have seen half the cops persecuted or face some kinda charge

  • Daniel M.
    05/11/2017 11:39

    Here's some facts for everyone. More whites are killed by police than blacks per year. More latinos are killed by police per year than blacks. Blacks are more likely to be shot by a black cop than a white cop. Do some research before you blurt out stupid racist comments. Stop being ignorant and learn something.

  • Patrick L.
    05/11/2017 12:45

    And how many of those people were innocent? Easy to report the total number killed by police but not report how many were actually innocent in those circumstances. And to all the blacks calling this racist... Not all of the dead are black. Not all the cops were white. And I'm not sure who the black lady is saying that she "forgives the cops" but if your kid/husband/parent/friend was one of the people who deserved what they got, then your forgiveness means nothing.

  • Manne W.
    05/11/2017 14:45

    I just don't get it... You want policeman to be policed Create a task force specifically for non biased observation of police-victim activity. We can have Human Resources for Managers and for the safety and protection of the rights of all Employees in a company. Why not grant those same protections for both policeman and victims.

  • Michael D.
    05/11/2017 14:58

    Huh I wonder why officers shoot criminals. What a mystery.

  • Maggie B.
    05/11/2017 16:40

    As a doctor we self police everything very effectively. It's a choice not too. And in doing so cops are losing the trust of so many people.

  • Maggie B.
    05/11/2017 16:49

    And considering whites make up 63% of the US and Blacks 12% tell me why 28% of fatal police shootings are against Blacks? This ladies and gentlemen is what we call statistically significant, and it's representative of a bigger problem at play.

  • Angelo T.
    05/11/2017 17:33

    Hope it was worth it...