• Jonathan F.
    06/21/2017 09:44

    Remember this is neo lynching. Treacherous murder of blacks is a ritual in white culture. They get off on this behavior because they know they will get away with it.

  • Joey R.
    06/21/2017 01:14

    Don't forget cop's go to he'll to its not over till judgment day

  • Àdōwñ B.
    06/20/2017 12:31

    So it's a gang.

  • Javale N.
    06/20/2017 05:05


  • Vincent G.
    06/20/2017 00:19

    Stop the forgiveness foolishness.

  • Lamont B.
    06/19/2017 20:42

    WoW, and they get mad when somebody starts shooting cops. I honestly believe they only respect violence.

  • Tavy T.
    06/19/2017 20:12

    Wow just wow it's tuff being black in America hard ass hell living black R.I.P to all who has been killed black or white😕

  • Nicole I.
    06/19/2017 15:13

    The view

  • Nicole I.
    06/19/2017 15:12

    Whoopie Goldberg

  • Scott F.
    06/19/2017 13:44

    Cops all across this country get away with murder. It sickens me just how corrupt the system is.

  • Larry S.
    06/19/2017 13:10

    How stupid you don't forgive your mother f****** enemy that's the first name the second thing is he's not going to get locked up for killing your son

  • Belinda C.
    06/19/2017 11:00


  • Travis P.
    06/19/2017 10:55


  • Brandon C.
    06/19/2017 09:08

    Ashley Briel

  • Paul T.
    06/19/2017 06:14

    There yu hav it... listen again

  • Seshem E.
    06/19/2017 05:58

    I didn't even get past the forgiveness BULLSHIT. It's time we unite and wipe them DEVIL'S off the EARTH.

  • Leroy C.
    06/19/2017 02:04

    Kody what say Ye??

  • Erica L.
    06/18/2017 23:46

    So u mean to fucking tell me u get shot and kill by a officer and they knw they did it they still get off FREE this mf world is Fu$& up but let it be the other way around

  • Jones R.
    06/18/2017 23:45

    white folks favorite line, dont fight, dont resist, dont this, dont that and you'll go home. ONLY problem they dont mention is you can follow all the DONTs but being black still gets you killed or shot!

  • JR D.
    06/18/2017 23:12

    This is straight bullshit "the victim isn't there" duhhh, we have video! No need for the victim. Just bc someone dies and isn't there doesn't mean you have a chance to go Scott free. Women and men lie, but video? Well that speaks for itself. And yes many times there aren't video in some cases where cops are charged but WHEN THERE IS and it's RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. That mfr needs jail time.

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