A Not-So-Friendly Lyft Ride

This Lyft ride erupted after an angry customer unleashed a racist diatribe against the driver for not playing the music he wanted.

10/12/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Christopher J.
    10/12/2018 19:01

    two gay Latinos and a black guy who will Brut side with? Also that Lyft drivers face says it all. they convinced him to vote republican this November

  • Syed B.
    10/12/2018 19:05

    I can see America dividing into many countries due to racism and stupidity of Trump

  • Eric L.
    10/12/2018 19:07

    If you've gotten picked up in Lyft: The driver should play whatever music the passenger requested If the driver didn't want to, they should've gotten out and reported them if they wanted to.. And called another Lyft Both of these people are dumb as rocks

  • Darrell O.
    10/12/2018 19:10


  • Nathan A.
    10/12/2018 19:11

    Stupidity over playing your music wtf

  • Tales D.
    10/12/2018 19:12

    Driver level of tolerance.

  • Artemis L.
    10/12/2018 19:12

    The driver deserves ALL the respect and praises for maintaining his cool so great.

  • Oj G.
    10/12/2018 19:12

    I would have folded these fools like laundry lol.

  • Gary W.
    10/12/2018 19:13

    Racist against gay people??? Lmfao... No wonder this idiot voted for Trump. He clearly doesn’t understand words.

  • Krishan S.
    10/12/2018 19:13

    Brut how do i make a go fund me page.

  • Elma D.
    10/12/2018 19:16

    When latino legal they voted republican. Funny as hell😂😂😂

  • Ann B.
    10/12/2018 19:16

    That driver is one cool cucumber.... Much respect.

  • Abdullah V.
    10/12/2018 19:16

    Thank god not living in murrica, such a third world country.

  • Patricia S.
    10/12/2018 19:17

    Dudes just looking for a fight. Hope the driver gets his job back.

  • Joe B.
    10/12/2018 19:18

    The trump cult smh. He has the right to say no music and they have the right to find another ride. The fact they blew it up just makes them look like... what’s the word... oh yeah snowflakes.

  • Ulises V.
    10/12/2018 19:20

    Gay latino vs. Black Man... Wow it's mind blowing for any SJW

  • Johanna V.
    10/12/2018 19:21

    love the driver's expression throughout this ridiculous passenger's exhibition

  • Homero V.
    10/12/2018 19:21

    And u guys are ok with this ?lgbt thing in the backseat

  • Victoria W.
    10/12/2018 19:23

    WOW 😱🤔

  • Tazuya A.
    10/12/2018 19:26

    That gay couple should throw away from a clif