A Not-So-Friendly Lyft Ride

This Lyft ride erupted after an angry customer unleashed a racist diatribe against the driver for not playing the music he wanted.

10/12/2018 7:01 PM


  • Anna R.
    10/12/2019 14:22

    He's not black.Dont do a DNA soon bro

  • Denise M.
    12/02/2018 12:04

    Why didn't he play the music?

  • Arsyie H.
    11/30/2018 21:38

    Gay isn't a race 😂😂😂

  • Syed M.
    11/30/2018 19:05

    that's why we kill gays

  • Su B.
    11/30/2018 16:47

    Patience lvl inhuman.

  • Niketa L.
    11/30/2018 13:02

    Funny thing. He said he'd make sure he never had a JOB agan and he wound up getting fired lol😂😂😂

  • Jemmy R.
    11/30/2018 11:31

    Hat down for the stoics iced driver to behave so calm in front of [email protected] like this [email protected] queen of Noland.

  • Rowell T.
    11/30/2018 09:25

    Racist against gay people? How are gays even considered as people?

  • Pedro C.
    11/29/2018 22:49

    Por favor en el español :c

  • Subhadeep D.
    11/29/2018 21:03

    I have to admire how the driver was so calm ... I wouldn't be in the case.

  • Chux E.
    11/29/2018 20:21

    Hmmm I can see avatar with phone calling the cops

  • Najeeb A.
    11/29/2018 16:19

    My car my Rules lol no music kiddo

  • KS S.
    11/29/2018 16:10

    oh!keep amusing us dear US citizens(white ones)

  • Hasan S.
    11/29/2018 14:39

    This one example from ppl who voted to Trump.

  • Barron G.
    11/29/2018 12:37

    Oh this is about trump indirectly what a liberals propaganda

  • Riaa C.
    11/29/2018 12:06

    He's gay and he's calling someone out for being homophobic and racist while having VOTED FOR TRUMP?? LOOOL

  • Jesalva Y.
    11/29/2018 11:20

    I feel yah man..

  • Mahima S.
    11/29/2018 10:24

    He has mastered how to remain calm.

  • Didit W.
    11/29/2018 10:13

    I cant explained why it can be happen.. But.. Someday.. There is no more human born!

  • Abderrahmen J.
    11/29/2018 07:13

    I nominate the driver for peace noble price for his behavior