A TikToker's journey detransitioning

"I don't want to look in the mirror and not like who I am." 5 years ago, Alia made the decision to medically transition to male. But in 2020, they decided to detransition. This is their story.

09/15/2021 12:33 PMupdated: 09/20/2021 10:48 AM


  • Esther S.
    11 hours

    who you choose to be is nobody's business but your own, walk your own path, haters are going to hate, guess what? that hate is their problem

  • Kaenyn B.
    19 hours

    When are people gonna realize this is a huge mental issue

  • Victoria V.
    a day

    Maybe they are gender fluid or gender neutral..I identify as female, was born female and look 100% female, but I have many masculine personality traits that never made sense to me growing up. And some days I want to dress like a man, or it ends up being abit of both. My husband loves me for both sides of me, doesn't try to box me in or or tell me what to wear (he reckons his clothes look better on me anyway đŸ€Ł) and I'm allowed to just be. I will always identify as female but I will never deny my masculine side. If you are someone who is confused just be yourself and you'll come to your own conclusion eventually. Forcing ourselves into "gender norms" shouldn't be something we HAVE to do if that's not how you feel. It's ok to like both or feel both ways. The judgy will weed themselves out and you'll end up with only the people that truly love you and care about you for who you are ✌❀

  • Celina D.
    2 days

    Sadly this is what happens when kids aren’t taught by their parents to not be confused. And make stuff simple like male and female so they don’t get confused and turn out like this. 😕

  • Karla M.
    2 days

    stop been haters! you go girl!!❀

  • Jacquie F.
    2 days

    Confusion. .

  • Victoria B.
    3 days

    This person is unusual; they look amazing as both male and female. No wonder they struggled with who they are. X

  • Kim T.
    3 days

    Good for you..u r perfect anyway u want to be even if thats different everyday. The world would be a much better place if we cd all just be who we are and happy with how we see ourselves. I find my husband most attractive when he is feeling really good about himself. From naked to casual to snazzy doesnt matter. He shines when he feels good about himself!. Much love and support your way!

  • Lyz L.
    3 days

    The ancient teachings about masc and fem energies really need to come back

  • Esmeralda S.
    3 days

    Reminds me of that guy who cut it off and put one back on only to cut it off again.

  • James G.
    4 days

    What a drama!

  • D A.
    5 days

    This is a mental issue.

  • Lech M.
    5 days

    Mental illness

  • Adriana
    5 days

    U are sick.

  • Tarequl I.
    5 days

    These lgbt people are just ret**àŠŠà§‡à§œ in the head. Nothing muchđŸ€Ł

  • Gijs K.
    5 days


  • Barucho D.
    5 days

    So r u gay now?

  • Jumadil B.
    5 days

    To be fake things is a burden and have to live with alot of treatments simple as like how u buy things that logically u supposed wanted it to be genuine and not fake.

  • Maggie M.
    6 days

    way too much time on their hands

  • Mark E.
    6 days

    S/he should not pressure him/erself into a category & assume that category's qualities.. Just express him/erself without pressure from gender expectations.. His/er loved ones will support him/er regardless of his/er gender identity.. No need to undergo costly & damaging medical gender transition procedures.. That industry is mostly exploiting people who have gender identity issues.. Love yourself & your body first.. Social Expectations, even from those on your side will cause you to make permanent / harmful decisions that only satisfy those Expectations.. Your decision / expression should come first before Peer Expectations & Social Expectations.. Just express yourself freely.. 👌👌👌 Just my analysis/opinion..