A TikToker's journey detransitioning

"I don't want to look in the mirror and not like who I am." 5 years ago, Alia made the decision to medically transition to male. But in 2020, they decided to detransition. This is their story.

09/15/2021 12:33 PMupdated: 09/20/2021 10:48 AM


  • Phaythe R.
    11/23/2021 23:18

    But this is why these people should be obligated to seek therapy before cutting titties off.

  • Zuuhaib K.
    11/23/2021 21:09


  • Aditya R.
    11/22/2021 16:46

    This lady is confused about her sexuality like the way Brut India is confused about their Nationality. They always encourage anti Indian agenda in their channel.🤣🤣🤣

  • Ahmed T.
    11/13/2021 17:47

    Im feeling like a wolverine today i really want to have claws and hairs like thar

  • Ecoo E.
    10/02/2021 19:37

    gender is sex a same thing you can't change from one to another , what you actually can do is to leave a one simple gender and transform in to kinner.

  • Ecoo E.
    10/02/2021 19:35

    sorry for such brains, who destroyed them selves and don't know how to reconstruct what is gone.

  • Emran N.
    09/27/2021 04:11

    Is THIS channel only News for gandu's???

  • Arusarthi G.
    09/26/2021 18:07

    I don't know who re the stupids giggling on this post, perhaps their mind and brain totally maimed.

  • Rajat P.
    09/26/2021 15:55

    how can b people soo dumb

  • Gourango C.
    09/26/2021 11:23

    Brut.. Film on the sucess of UPSC topper from most underprivileged states... What these psychologically disturbed people will bring?? I am literally unable to understand... Turning our brains into litter box accepting all garbages

  • Chris N.
    09/25/2021 21:51

    Everyone should live their lives in the way it please them, but don't come here and be confusing yourself not us

  • Heyb R.
    09/25/2021 20:17


  • Farzana Y.
    09/25/2021 19:33

    পৃথিবী কোন ধ্বংসের পথে এগিয়ে যাচ্ছে দিনকে দিন...!!!

  • Nayab Y.
    09/25/2021 18:51

    Actually she is a very confused person,,, i hope after some more years,,she'll fell like i wanna b a pure woman again,,,am not happ to b a trio,,hhhhhha

  • Abdullah Y.
    09/25/2021 16:58

    I don't really understand this new science of voluntarily switching genders over and over again. 🤔

  • Nishant M.
    09/25/2021 13:59

    Be confused But not this much 🤣

  • Sanjiv S.
    09/25/2021 08:00

    Confused aatma.. Kuch din baad ye kuch aur le ke aayega.. aayegi..whatever

  • Salman A.
    09/25/2021 07:25

    Trans-women are not women and trans-men are not men. Humans can't change their biological sex.

  • Ahad A.
    09/25/2021 07:25

    Curse on the people like u

  • Rhapsody S.
    09/25/2021 04:30

    Originally he or she? 🐷

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