Abduction Survivor Advocates for Internet Safety

At 13 years old, she was lured over the internet, then raped and tortured on a live stream video feed. Now 31, Alicia "Kozak" Kozakiewicz advocates for internet safety in the hopes of saving others from what happened to her.

Abduction survivor is now standing up for other victims

Alicia Kozakiewicz was 13 on New Year's Day in 2002 when the unthinkable happened. Now, at 31, she’s sounding the alarm towards activism about internet safety /abduction /sexual abuse to help fight for your rights. Kozakiewicz had been chatting with her attacker for months before meeting him in real life. Held captive in his basement, Alicia was chained by the neck, tortured and raped over four days.

Her abuse was live streamed, which led the FBI to storm in with law justice vigor to her captor’s home and set her free. She had PTSD and memory loss after her kidnapping, but soon turned her trauma into action. “And all these officers and agents rushed in, cut the chain from around my neck, set me free, and gave me a second chance at life.”

In 2003, a year after her abduction, she launched The Alicia Project, an advocacy group to raise awareness about online predators, abduction, and child sexual exploitation. In 2007, she addressed Congress about the importance of internet safety for children.

Support the children. Save us from pedophiles, the monsters. The boogy man is real and he lives on the net. He lived in my computer and he lives in yours. While you’re sitting here, he’s at home with your children.

This led to the passing of “Alicia’s law,” which provides revenue source for child rescue efforts. In February 2019, Kozakiewicz’s attacker was released on probation and placed 4 miles away from her childhood home. She filed a motion asking the judge to relocate her attacker.

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.


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  • Magdalena O.
    03/03/2021 18:29

    Guess we need new laws, stronger and that really protect the victims or potential victims of pedophiles.. our kids, our future citizens need our help to keep them in secure environment.. hope we all can do something to help before is too late for the little ones 🙏🏼

  • Dawn F.
    02/26/2021 02:17

    Well done you’ll help save others I don’t get they he got out he’ll do it again it’s good you told you’re story hope others learn by it

  • Pang O.
    02/06/2021 04:21

    Where is that evil child abuser now... He should be put back to jail

  • Lama H.
    08/19/2020 04:37

    Read the comments and the community talks in the games you will be disgusted how they creat some mind control and through sexuality confusing kids about their agenda

  • Lama H.
    08/19/2020 04:33

    The owners of some games themselves are perverts. And they are getting followers from letting this happen online and they could remove them and they could black list them but they don’t

  • Orange M.
    06/25/2020 02:41


  • Janine O.
    06/05/2020 00:42

    Thank you for the work you are doing. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and make a difference.

  • Viona v.
    06/04/2020 09:08

    Thank you so much for your work. 🙏🏻

  • Angela M.
    06/03/2020 20:34

    THANKYOU for sharing your horrific story, may you have a beautiful life ahead.💝

  • Angela W.
    06/03/2020 17:26

    you are a true survivor xxx

  • Angela W.
    06/03/2020 17:25

    Thank goodness you are ok and are strong enough to tell your story 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Angela W.
    06/03/2020 17:25

    So sad 😭 xxx

  • Rita S.
    06/02/2020 03:14

    Lucky to be alive.survive. glad to hear that.and Good to give education young teen. Monster behind friendship internet be carefull.

  • Margot K.
    06/01/2020 19:02

    Thank you for your bravery and your action. You are an inspiration.

  • Cheah G.
    06/01/2020 12:22

    Alicia, everyone's Hero!

  • Nela M.
    06/01/2020 11:27

    I don’t know why you eve release them, is not they are going to change.Rapist, especially child repist should be medically castrated at least.

  • Bonnie P.
    05/31/2020 05:36

    Thank u for trying to help others.

  • Sosl A.
    05/29/2020 23:42

    I'd never release them!!!!!

  • Peter S.
    05/29/2020 16:39

    Click view and share

  • June C.
    05/29/2020 14:56

    How can children be rescued if they are kidnapped by government itself such as children's aid society in Canada?