Abortion Laws, Made by Men

Oklahoma just passed a near-total abortion ban. And guess what this bill has in common with other laws restricting reproductive rights? 🤷🏻🤷🏼

04/06/2022 1:07 PMupdated: 04/06/2022 1:26 PM


  • Michael W.
    04/09/2022 19:34


  • Shannon T.
    04/07/2022 17:53

    Your articles are just as hate filled and the other sides doing nothing but dividing people into groups to hate each other.

  • Eddie A.
    04/06/2022 16:43

    Because a lot of women are too stupid to realize killing a baby is wrong

  • Fazail M.
    04/06/2022 15:13

    Conservatives..the most laughable lot on the planet..always crying that they are the victims and everyone is trying to impede on their rights when ironically they are the ones trying to impede on everyone else’s rights…nobody even wants to impede on their rights, ppl just want equal rights as they do, but they won’t have it! The most privileged protected lot on the planet that cry victim. Bunch of fascists

  • Diane T.
    04/06/2022 14:28

    We are wonderfully made by 2 cells multiplying 47.2 trillion times to 9 months to deliver a saving soul!

  • Martin C.
    04/06/2022 14:19


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