Abortion provider talks Kavanaugh nom

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could be the deciding vote that overturns Roe v. Wade — and this abortion provider is worried that women's lives are at risk.

09/05/2018 4:01 PM


  • Jessica S.
    09/29/2018 14:21

    Blasia Baker Omgg this is what you were talking about 😞

  • DeAnn B.
    09/19/2018 21:49

    It needs to be overturned. The baby has a right to choose!! Not to mention the father.

  • Eileen S.
    09/10/2018 04:03

    Kavanaugh bad choice, he's one if 45s boys.

  • Sarah Z.
    09/08/2018 14:52

    Abortion should be legal, safe and most importantly, RARE.

  • Judith L.
    09/08/2018 14:13

    Why is it when I see this guy he makes my skin crawl.

  • Muna C.
    09/08/2018 07:39

    It is not safe for the baby

  • Demi M.
    09/08/2018 04:09

    Do not let this happen to your country. It's not going to help desperate women at all, it will make them vulnerable to stigmas and overall miserable for not being able to choose. Trump shouldn't even speak about women's rights. A man who thinks of women like objects and isn't at all ashamed of speaking his mind, shouldn't tell anyone what to do.

  • Nikki B.
    09/07/2018 18:58

    This is stupid. No one want to overturn Roe vs Wade and this is fear-monering. Do you think most women walk around thinking of aborting their child? Most white people keep their babies, its us black people it affects by reducing our population.

  • Ged S.
    09/07/2018 09:55

    Abortion can never be justified, because first of all it is due to irresponsability of both man and women and they have to assume their responsabilities. And if you've been rapped you should repport it to the authority right after the incident so you can get the immediate help and prevention of any unwanted pregnancy.

  • Barron G.
    09/07/2018 08:54

    So they want to kill baby

  • Suzanne T.
    09/07/2018 03:27

    Sarah Prager is THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  • Retha D.
    09/06/2018 23:41

    Abortion is never safe for the baby.

  • Nathan A.
    09/06/2018 18:18

    Organized crime

  • ابراهيم ع.
    09/06/2018 14:44

    ان الإنسان خرج الي الحياة من رحم امه بإرادة الله وحدة .فلماذا تخالفون إرادة الله...فقط جرموا الزنا وشجعوا علي الزواج الصحيح ..هذه هي سنة الله

  • Benjamin P.
    09/06/2018 14:27

    As long as there are Republicans who cheat on their wives with their mistresses, there will be a demand for abortions to sweep the truth under the rug.

  • Brenda D.
    09/06/2018 14:17

    Lying judge

  • Marco B.
    09/06/2018 13:05

    Reality is that by looking at you with your bushy hair caise you don't use shampoo, conditioner, make-up, deodorant, the one piece pullover moomoo tells us your a snowflake...

  • Brut
    09/06/2018 12:55

    Cynthia Nixon held a wire hanger in the air to show the horrors of pre-Roe vs. Wade abortion:

  • Lissa H.
    09/06/2018 12:52

    No man should have a say in women’s healthcare decisions.... this guy will help overturn Roe vs Wade women will die and or go to prison if it’s overturned ...... Stop Kavenaugh !!!

  • Dorothy R.
    09/06/2018 12:25

    makes me sick to my stomach

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