Al Gore's Message to Trump and Youth Climate Activists

Former Vice President Al Gore has two messages about the climate crisis: the first is to young people and the second is to President Trump. Here are both. 👇

42nd Climate Reality Project training in Minneapolis

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has a message for young people: “The movement to solve the climate crisis and to solve it in time must be led by young people. School strike movement, the extinction rebellion, other movements that are springing up around the world are being led primarily by young people. I would say that you do have a source of moral authority that older people do not, you will live with the consequences of the decisions made today, for far longer than my generation will. That does give you an opportunity to speak up insistently, boldly, loudly, fiercely and demand change.”

Gore, who recently led the 42nd Climate Reality Project training in Minneapolis, has for decades been bringing awareness to the climate crisis. Urging world leaders to act faster, he also has a suggestion for President Donald Trump. “I guess in all honesty my message to Mr. Trump would be somewhat different. I would tell him to resign. He wouldn't take my advice but I've tried to talk with him about climate and I thought there was a chance he might listen and change. But I was wrong and I have to say I think there's very little chance that he will change in the years ahead. But I would still give the same substantive advice, we've got to do more, we have a global emergency. It's all hands on deck. The good news is we have the technologies to solve this crisis. They create jobs. They clean up our air and water and they save our future. There's nothing bad about this strategy. The only thing we need to do is to end the resistance to them that comes from the fossil fuel companies and they're powerful I understand and they have money and political connections and they're desperately trying to stop the world from shifting away from the fossil fuels that are primarily causing this crisis. But our future is at stake. Our children and grandchildren and a thousand generations to come. Those of us alive right now and particularly heads of state who have an unparalleled opportunity to affect change should recognize that this is the time for bold action.”


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    I agree

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    c.moon, old geeza

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    Special thanks to . You can find them @ClimateReality on Twitter and Instagram. Find out more about the Climate Reality leadership corps and training here to #LeadOnClimate:

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    Best BRUT video ever!

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    Climate change so bad they changed the name three times

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    08/08/2019 16:29

    they were not led by young people they were led by old people, young people were only the striking force. This guy doesn`t know history.

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    08/08/2019 17:35

    Thank you Vice President Al Gore. The majority of people living have a responsibility to demand bold initiatives. We can accomplish this together. This is real!

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    How many houses does he own? How much money has he made off this nonsense?

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    We are all screwd.trump is a fool our children will create war within the walls skin me if you don't like me..

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    Gore has no credibility. Carbon credits and taxes are a scam. It has now been established that the best mitigation for "climate change" is the mass planting of trees. Reforestation also prevents erosion, cleans the air, purifies water, and halts desertification.

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    One who got rich scaring people

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    The climate change hustler

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    He's trying to make another billion dollars

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    Can the planet take another climate change conference the last one there was a hundred and forty Jets and 60 yachts... LOL

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    After we give all our money to these people, will thy make the weekends rain free?

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    Love vice president Gore,not a puppet like we have now being lead around by his nose

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    Era ayer cuando se tenía que parar la industria.mañana ya no hay nada que aser .

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    This charlatan made millions off of gullible Americans. He claimed we only had 10 years to change things 15 tears ago.