• Newton D.
    07/30/2017 15:37

    A must watch humanity vs Trump !!!

  • Nigel R.
    06/13/2017 12:43

    Hasn't anyone found another planet for Donald yet?

  • Horatiu C.
    06/09/2017 12:45

    This must be the site of the world-class hypocrites! You had eight years of Obama and almost completely destroyed this country!

  • Nick S.
    06/08/2017 02:42

    It's not just trumps fault. Man bear pig is in cahoots with him also.

  • Quincy P.
    06/07/2017 21:42

    I exited the video when he said environmental issues lel.

  • Rupert R.
    06/07/2017 20:13

    The problem is that we are contributing amount of money yet the other countries don't. Same issue with NATO.

  • Butch C.
    06/07/2017 18:39

    how about everyone who voted for Trump follow him and his absolutely genius and defiant act against the elite who just want more money about a bunch of bullshit that already has happened a million times through history and everyone else who is opposed and wants to listen to the science puppets and bought celebs who know nothing of normal living and realitys can all come up with the literally trillions of dollars to change the temperature .065 degrees by 2100 hahahaha. it's all just money and ps all the people who want this to happen are the money hungry oil corps who kill and buy out all water cars, grease cars, magnetic generators and every other free and clean energy. open ur eyes u blind dipshits. hahahaha

  • Mike S.
    06/07/2017 17:49

    Just...wow 😔

  • Dylan V.
    06/07/2017 16:57

    Does he have to LITERALLY murder someone to get impeached? Why is he still allowed to make decisions? He must be a puppet, I doubt he even understands what he's doing half the time. What a disgrace...

  • Duane J.
    06/07/2017 16:40

    Our president did do the right thing

  • Erik A.
    06/07/2017 15:08

    Those that obsessively worship Trump and believe in his denial of climate change and yet when he blatantly lies about Obama wiretapping him you eat it up like candy. So whose the real fool in this? The fool or the ones who follow him.

  • Reginald E.
    06/07/2017 13:12

    Like they care about the world really.

  • Duncan A.
    06/07/2017 12:15

    Didn't he say he'd get rid of the EPA

  • Petey T.
    06/07/2017 11:51

    Trump is an earth rapist.

  • Mary A.
    06/07/2017 11:44

    So you are telling me the God-climate will behave by USA forking out starting at 100$$$$billion & in later $$$$450 billion taxpayers monies?!! You are stupid! Our President is not!!!!!! We see a scammmmmm!!!! *The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit to other countries! *Compliance with the terms of the Paris Accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States could cost America as much as $2.7 million lost jobs by 2025, according to the National Economic Research Associates! *For example, under the agreement, CHINA will be able to increase the emissions by a staggering number of years-13! They can do whatever they want for 13 years! NOT US! *India makes it's participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid from developed countries. There are many other examples but the bottom line is the the Paris Accord is very UNFAIR AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL TO THE UNITED STATES! *Further the current agreement effectively blocks the development of clean coal in America! CHINA Will BE ALLOWED TO BUILD HUNDREDS OF ADDITIONAL COAL PLANTS! INDIA WILL BE ALLOWED TO DOUBLE ITS COAL PRODUCTION BY 2020! We are supposed to get rid of ours! Even Europe is allowed to continue construction of coal plants! In short, the agreement doesn't eliminate coal jobs! It just transferred those jobs out of America and ships them to foreign countries! *The Paris Agreement handicaps the United States' economy in order to win praise from the very foreign capitals and global activists that have long sought to gain wealth at our country's expense! *The Green Fund would likely obligate the United States to commit potentially tens of dollars of which the United States has already handed over $1 billion. (By obama) In 2015, the United Nations departing top Climate officials reportedly described the 100 billion dollars per year as "peanuts!" And stated that the 100 billion dollars is the tail that wags the dog! *In 2015, the Green Climate Fund executive director reportedly stated that estimating funding needed would increase to $450 billion per year after 2020 and nobody even knows where the money is going to. Nobody's been able to say, where it is going to? (From President Trump speech)

  • Kvng C.
    06/07/2017 11:41

    Okay someone needs to kill this nigga frfr

  • Donna O.
    06/07/2017 11:17

    The company's that backed this agreement, went to the U.N. on their own, to show their support & are still gonna abide by the agreement. Mayors, & Governors of most cities are still gonna do their part. So idk. Where people are getting that this is not real. If it's about jobs there are plenty of green jobs to go around. Coal, &fossil fuels is not the answer. As for fracking look up what that does to our environment.

  • Phillip C.
    06/07/2017 11:07

    This is proof that republicans enjoy being in control and in power more than they desire to actually change anything

  • Billy D.
    06/07/2017 10:46

    Its a scam designed to take money from people using their conscience no different than the dog and cat commercials where they play sad music and ask for money which never goes to the animals either

  • Lanzkie L.
    06/07/2017 10:46

    The climate change will change it if everybody is helping,if everyone of us cooperate to save the mother nature plant trees minimize plastics and help environment those are the things that will change the claimant and that has nothing to do with Trump

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