Al Green victim of death threats

"You'll be hanging from a tree." Congressman Al Green reveals lynching and death threats he received since calling for President Trump's impeachment.

05/22/2017 5:00 PM


  • Evangelina R.
    05/28/2017 02:58


  • Linda Y.
    05/26/2017 14:32

    Planet of the apes and the walking dead lol

  • Stephen B.
    05/24/2017 16:02

    Awe shut up . Someone would have to be a blooming idiot to listen to you . Go pray and get a grip .

  • Jack D.
    05/24/2017 14:07

    So wait till it really gets rough. America will not give up it's freedom with out a fight.

  • Kelly R.
    05/24/2017 12:54

    Trump doesn't give a damn about black, white, purple, or brown... He's concerned about the rich and the poor!

  • Julia T.
    05/24/2017 06:40

    But Obama was born in Hawaii....

  • Earlene M.
    05/24/2017 05:33


  • Clifton J.
    05/24/2017 05:32

    No person Above the Law dumb f*** Obama broke the law over and over Andover and then he hopes Hillary break the law over and over and over and the countless other f**** that were in prison that he released that's what they broke the law but he is signed a little piece of paper and magically they were released from prison

  • Clifton J.
    05/24/2017 05:30

    How the f*** does that have anything to do with Trump or any of the actual normal people that follow them I'm so sick of you guys as low blows for all we know that f******* higher going to say that s*** because it just keeps coming out in the wash that these people will stoop to new lows every single day

  • Foster R.
    05/24/2017 02:46


  • Daniel M.
    05/24/2017 02:43


  • Bill B.
    05/24/2017 02:42

    Jesus!! The nerve of some turds!!! Lol 😂

  • Kyle B.
    05/24/2017 00:54

    When this racist gets jail time, and when all racists recieve jail time, it just greases the gears of my damn soul.

  • Matthew C.
    05/24/2017 00:05

    I call bullshit. It's easy for someone to pay somebody else to say mean things and then post said mean things in order to get attention.

  • Kaisy P.
    05/23/2017 22:47


  • Patrick U.
    05/23/2017 22:40

    What law was broken? So far nothing. This looks like fake news

  • Tiney H.
    05/23/2017 19:56

    Terrorist in America at it's finest.

  • Spencer I.
    05/23/2017 19:40

    So nobody asked for President Obama to be impeached? Let's go to the tape.

  • Le'Man M.
    05/23/2017 17:33

    Do they know about caller ID? And phone taps? It's a federal offense to threaten Govt officials.... including the mailman. So imagine what the penalty might be for threatening a Senator.

  • Patrick B.
    05/23/2017 17:32

    Their will be change when GOD comes for US!!!

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