• Miguel A.
    12/25/2021 04:07


  • Miguel A.
    12/25/2021 04:06


  • Miguel A.
    12/25/2021 04:05


  • Colombe C.
    12/24/2021 09:40

    All I want for Christmas is… An equitable world, one where people, communities and the planet’s wellbeing are at the center of our priorities. Check out this video to see what it means for: 💉 access to COVID-19 vaccines 🌏 policies ❌ an end to growing inequalities. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about what a better world could look like in 2022, one based on fairness and rights! let's fight for it 💫

  • Fran O.
    12/24/2021 03:39

    You likely should go and see the people who actually had slaves.

  • Michael W.
    12/23/2021 16:58

    all i want for christmas is for people to stop making excuses and blaming other races for thier issues

  • Aaron S.
    12/23/2021 15:44

    Yeah F U

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