• Nicole L.
    10/09/2018 19:13

    Bill Cosby doesn't count because he has to pay for his crimes the white ones don't

  • Brut
    10/09/2018 19:24

    Tired of harassment for what she chose to wear, his woman is reclaiming the word "slut."

  • Joseph O.
    10/09/2018 19:27

    *fills every tissue in her body with plastic for the patriarchy*

  • Kathleen S.
    10/09/2018 19:35

    oh geez ... so dressing like a whore, grinding your hips like a whore, is the way to get your message across? Oh nice, and kids with you too.

  • Alise R.
    10/09/2018 19:38

    The word slut is degrading and you are using it to empower women?

  • Manuel O.
    10/09/2018 19:49

    Fuck Trump and his suporters

  • Jonathan A.
    10/09/2018 20:02

    Celebrate women by holding a rally called "SlutWalk"?... Haha a little contradictory. Take a demeaning word of women and use it as a celebratory meaning.

  • Harding K.
    10/09/2018 20:14

    Dumbest people on earth

  • Shirley L.
    10/09/2018 20:42

    Who the hell is she?

  • Mohammed Z.
    10/09/2018 20:47

    Disgusting lol

  • Steve H.
    10/09/2018 21:27

    what a load of horseshit :D

  • John S.
    10/09/2018 22:13

    I never heard of her

  • Shannen G.
    10/09/2018 22:29


  • Amanda G.
    10/09/2018 22:32

    Can we go to this one day lol ?

  • Ejike C.
    10/09/2018 22:33

    Is crazy over there

  • Amanda G.
    10/09/2018 22:38

    She is the epitome of a slut so the title suits her event well

  • Aqila M.
    10/09/2018 22:42

    OMGGGGG!!! THATS ME WITH THE RED HAIR!!!! I did this for My Mom and everyone else who are Victims of Sexual Assault!!! The movement is so powerful! If you are hung up on the name then baby you are missing the point! My mom was raped covered from head to toe because she grew up practicing Islam! So yall still worried about what women are wearing!? This is BIGGET than the name! Even if you call me a #SLUT I'll still March for YOU and all everyone who has been subjected to Sexual Abuse! #MyPussyMyChoice! I went out there and created a Street Team of ALL Plus Size Women Sponsored by to support the mission of ending Rape Culture but to promote Body Positivity! Yall watch out because #KellysGirls are gonna come ba k bigger and better!!!

  • Greg D.
    10/09/2018 22:56

    Women on what they call Slut Walk talking about sexual assault. Interesting.

  • Winna H.
    10/09/2018 23:05

    And these are the most confused women on earth. You're naming a rally to celebrate women SLUT. what are you insinuating, that all women are bitches right?

  • Larry N.
    10/09/2018 23:06

    Scuse me for noticing that when a lady calls herself a slut, dresses like a slut, dresses young little girls as sluts, embraces the lifestyle of a slut, while simultaneously demanding they be upheld as a survivor or a victim without any witnesses or corroboration, dates, location, or even the year .. is a tad bit difficult to take them seriously.. not even counting that they simultaneously ignore the real attacks on non-slutty women by Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Keith Ellison, (the candidate for the AG of MN and the Number TWO guy in the DNC).. etc. etc. These professional victims and proud sluts turning a blind eye to those that really do attack women.. kinda diminishes their message.