Amber Rose's "SlutWalk" Celebrates Women

Amber Rose rallied sexual assault survivors and took aim at the patriarchy at her 4th annual Amber Rose Slut Walk.

10/09/2018 7:02 PM
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  • Nicole L.
    10/09/2018 19:13

    Bill Cosby doesn't count because he has to pay for his crimes the white ones don't

  • Brut
    10/09/2018 19:24

    Tired of harassment for what she chose to wear, his woman is reclaiming the word "slut."

  • Joseph O.
    10/09/2018 19:27

    *fills every tissue in her body with plastic for the patriarchy*

  • Jonathan A.
    10/09/2018 20:02

    Celebrate women by holding a rally called "SlutWalk"?... Haha a little contradictory. Take a demeaning word of women and use it as a celebratory meaning.

  • Harding K.
    10/09/2018 20:14

    Dumbest people on earth

  • Shirley L.
    10/09/2018 20:42

    Who the hell is she?

  • Mohammed Z.
    10/09/2018 20:47

    Disgusting lol

  • Steve H.
    10/09/2018 21:27

    what a load of horseshit :D

  • John S.
    10/09/2018 22:13

    I never heard of her

  • Shannen G.
    10/09/2018 22:29


  • Amanda G.
    10/09/2018 22:32

    Can we go to this one day lol ?

  • Ejike C.
    10/09/2018 22:33

    Is crazy over there

  • Ari D.
    10/09/2018 23:12

    I see you!

  • Angelo M.
    10/09/2018 23:48

    No body should take her serious, She is what makes that movement look bad in the first place, how lawyers angle women of being sue happy or reporting herrassment just to make a dollar Look at her ,she dedicated her life to sleeping with rich rappers and having their babies Kanye west said it best, Straight gold digger

  • Edgar T.
    10/09/2018 23:52

    A hoe is a hoe no matter how you dress it.

  • Arien C.
    10/10/2018 00:06

    The dude had no evidence against him. Please keep crying 😂

  • Dan W.
    10/10/2018 00:31

    Thank God for Amber Rose...what's an Amber Rose?

  • Carly B.
    10/10/2018 07:38

    So God have you thought about killing us all yet

  • Dwayne M.
    10/10/2018 08:23

    Jeton Luzha

  • David G.
    10/10/2018 11:25

    So was it women's day or gorilla day cuz that's all it was just a free party.....victims don't get all happy crazy , that really suks for the victims, they're still not being heard just being covered up by dirt again.