• Cameron L.
    09/18/2021 16:25

    It’s not complicated at all… they are separate. “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, part of the common law.” - Thomas Jefferson “Religion and government will both exist in greater purity the less they are mixed together.” - James Madison “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” - John Adams

  • Antonio F.
    06/26/2021 12:13

    God is a very generic term, it can range from idol worship to satanic worship. We don't know specifically to which god they pledge an oath, and can only assume based on their characteristics.

  • Justindhas
    02/08/2021 17:33


  • Justindhas
    02/08/2021 17:30

    Glory full message God bless all round would God bless present trump

  • Colleen D.
    01/28/2021 07:03

    The constitution came from the Bible. Benjamin Franklin said it best. If everyone believed in the Bible we would not need the constitution

  • Carlos B.
    01/28/2021 01:33

    Amercia was founded on Christian values.

  • Frank B.
    01/27/2021 14:40

    There’s gods & theres “G” od Stay woke people

  • Jodie M.
    01/26/2021 10:25

    It called respect.

  • Mark W.
    01/25/2021 20:56

    Only one of those men kept their oath.... thanks Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Rolando T.
    01/25/2021 20:14

    They could pray when things was messy now they can't just because you don't like it , come on

  • Rolando T.
    01/25/2021 20:11

    Everytime someone made it in life they think they don't god

  • Churchil W.
    01/25/2021 17:48

    While I don't advocate for a complete Union of religion and the State,I strongly believe that religion and state are issues that should be differentiated rather than separated.

  • Shally B.
    01/25/2021 14:20

    Terrorist them

  • Rachid N.
    01/25/2021 10:27

    Et il demandent au musulmans d'être laïques

  • Ray M.
    01/24/2021 17:10

    Keep your religion to yourself and out of politics

  • Kaytee T.
    01/24/2021 16:57

    Love how she picks and chooses who she uses as examples. You can't do that on this subject. And she's not a historian

  • Kaytee T.
    01/24/2021 16:54

    Catholicism was forced on a lot of people including the Native Americans, but Protestants were the first ones here As to the oath....https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oath_of_office_of_the_president_of_the_United_States#:~:text=Before%20he%20enter%20on%20the,Constitution%20of%20the%20United%20States.%22

  • Adi V.
    01/24/2021 09:05

    Christian values is what made America. It's interesting how people forget that all ethics and basic human rights are so entertained with Christian values. America will not be America without the values and protections of the Christian background. Take these out and watch society crumble (no foundation or building blocks of society). Look at parts of America where those values crumbled and see the future. Look at parts of the world where same thing happened. Right and wrong are based on certain values and they all can be traced to ethics and morals of Christianity.

  • David A.
    01/24/2021 05:30

    Ah heathens lol, Always complaining

  • Ignacio R.
    01/24/2021 02:47

    Wich God ?? Sure.... Baal !!!

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