America's Pulitzer-winning illegal immigrant

Jose Antonio Vargas has been in the U.S. illegally for 25 years. Now, he's going in depth on the hiding, the isolation — and his hope for a citizenship evolution.

10/19/2018 5:01 PM
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  • Ron G.
    10/22/2018 03:11

    How they can appear on TV, rally and never get deported?

  • Irene M.
    10/20/2018 02:47


  • Robert J.
    10/20/2018 02:12

    Oh stfu

  • Kaylyn U.
    10/19/2018 21:03

    Now I've seen videos of other immigrants that stand up and say they did what they had to do to become a legal citizen. How is it some do and others dont? I'm just curious on how this process really works