• Scott P.
    05/08/2018 13:50

    It is entirely consistent as profit on investment when the invested into are contemporary equal to the theme, think and doing of actively engaging the goods or services rendered of the Lowest Bidder plan enacted. The Lowest Bidder proves consistently to come in over budget, over time and to foster the greatest in running operating costs overall.

  • Jones S.
    04/26/2018 21:51

    Go! Go! Go! Amtrack.

  • Jaime C.
    04/25/2018 17:10

    Sorry This Administration Won’t Fix Bad Road Stuctures ☹️But he will U $30 million for a Parade🤔🤔

  • Douglas W.
    04/24/2018 18:26

    it's cheaper to settle lawsuits than fix the railroads..their very own business model ; (

  • Perry S.
    04/23/2018 16:37

    Chicago rail is 3rd world.

  • Tristan H.
    04/23/2018 06:31

    I couldn’t leave my house cause of this

  • Kieran B.
    04/22/2018 04:03

    America is the world leader in nothing right now. Rather than being innovative it takes giant steps backwards.

  • Arif H.
    04/21/2018 04:48

    Mendingan buat dana perang... dan membuat kaya perusahaan2 milik konglomerat

  • Boris V.
    04/20/2018 16:16

    Trump's adminstration is fuckong America up badly ... get the f out of office now!

  • Aaron B.
    04/20/2018 16:01

    How bout the philippines cranky Railroad system?

  • Kaylee
    04/20/2018 11:01


  • Asifa M.
    04/20/2018 06:46

    america instead of attacking muslim countries its better to focus on improving own infrastructure,,,u bloody trump😠

  • Ken K.
    04/19/2018 05:14

    100% of all new wealth is going to the top .001 percent. Welcome to your capitalistic nightmare.

  • Brut
    04/19/2018 03:19

    American infrastructure, in general, leaves something to be desired — particularly in comparison to other industrialized nations. The American Society of Civil Engineers only gave the U.S. a D+ in its 2017 infrastructure report card: https://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/

  • Kelley R.
    04/19/2018 02:56

    because after WW2, America re-built other Countries instead of taking care of itself....Create Jobs, Invest in America, and things will change....simple.

  • Katrina B.
    12/23/2017 00:46

    This is why I will never get on a train

  • Geoff B.
    12/22/2017 16:16

    So going nearly 3 times the speed limit had nothing to do with it ??

  • Jason E.
    12/22/2017 14:26

    They would rather spend billions on weapons and a wall then their infrastructure!!

  • Andy W.
    12/22/2017 11:51

    John Groves, this right up your alley, a chance to make your mark over the pond as a Track Engineer.

  • Dilpreet S.
    12/22/2017 01:55

    Why do people still believe anything this orange headed dick says 😂😂

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