• Patrick G.
    12/19/2017 18:36

    Guess what? Maintenance for trains costs money! Where is your money going right now? Tax breaks for the riches! Courtesy of the orange turd of a president in the White House. Your country is starting to look like a banana republic!

  • Christopher J.
    12/19/2017 18:38

    Why? Because you keep demanding the government pay for crap it shouldn't. And when it does, there is no money to pay for the things it has to pay for.

  • Nathan H.
    12/19/2017 18:39

    this was a new track...the problem was speed. the conductor was going 80 mph in a 30mph zone. STOP LISTENING TO THE POS LIAR IN OUR WHITE HOUSE...nothing he says is every true.

  • Kevin J.
    12/19/2017 18:41

    how about the fact the train was going 50 mps over the speed limit

  • Dave S.
    12/19/2017 18:42

    I saw today that antifa poured concrete on the tracks....so was that fake?

  • Jeff S.
    12/19/2017 18:47

    Our railroads HAVE ALWAYS SUCKED!! Thats why they are subsidized by our government.

  • Joy F.
    12/19/2017 18:47

    Paul Ryan voted against more funds for amtack

  • Monica A.
    12/19/2017 18:47

    Sorry, but as an American the only train I will ride is in Europe. We just don't have that stuff going on right now.

  • Elvin A.
    12/19/2017 18:50

    Blame The Republican Congress They Cut The Founding For The Amtrak Train--Amen;

  • Tracy T.
    12/19/2017 18:53

    Speed was sole factor!

  • Miakel R.
    12/19/2017 18:57

    So infrastructure is coming up and coming fast right?!! WRONG!! Ask Melania the only time something came fast.

  • Kenyatta C.
    12/19/2017 18:58

    But that pos commander in chief whats to give his wealthy buddies and spend millions on a stupid wall!?!?!?

  • Susan D.
    12/19/2017 19:13

    It was new track...the engineer was at fault as he was doing 79 in a 30mph zone!

  • Lo H.
    12/19/2017 19:13

    The Republicans have been on a war path to cut government "spending" and one of their favorite target of "spending" cut is funding for Amtrak. This is their modus operandi, they would cut spending on specific government services, then when the services suffer due to lack of funding, they go and tell their voters:"When is a government service ever be good?".

  • David R.
    12/19/2017 19:30

    Perhaps the engineer shouldn't have been SPEEDING

  • Delantae J.
    12/19/2017 19:37

    This is misleading...the conductor was travelling at almost 100 on a portion of the track that required 30 mph...

  • Niki W.
    12/19/2017 19:45

    We just suck at everything now. Sorry, guys.

  • Nick B.
    12/19/2017 19:51

    Blame local and state governments for lack of Appropriating funds in the proper locations

  • Daniel I.
    12/19/2017 19:53

    Thanks for 8 years of obama.

  • David Z.
    12/19/2017 19:56

    They were not funded by the government back in 2008.