• Katrina B.
    12/23/2017 00:46

    This is why I will never get on a train

  • Geoff B.
    12/22/2017 16:16

    So going nearly 3 times the speed limit had nothing to do with it ??

  • Jason E.
    12/22/2017 14:26

    They would rather spend billions on weapons and a wall then their infrastructure!!

  • Andy W.
    12/22/2017 11:51

    John Groves, this right up your alley, a chance to make your mark over the pond as a Track Engineer.

  • Dilpreet S.
    12/22/2017 01:55

    Why do people still believe anything this orange headed dick says 😂😂

  • Warren M.
    12/21/2017 23:25

    Everyone blaming government. Not their fault. Amtrak is responsible and no one else!

  • Paul K.
    12/21/2017 06:39

    Spend too much money on highways and roadways, and this is what happens to you. Europe decided to focus more on railways and their expansion/safety, and its the best for people to travel europe. and USA/Canada is traffic gridlocked.

  • Chris D.
    12/21/2017 04:17

    Maybe it's part of Henry Kissinger's depopulation plan.

  • Maurice M.
    12/21/2017 01:44

    Normal le train roulait trop vite plus de 80 milles a l'heure, le chauffeur devait dormir barnak

  • Daniel W.
    12/20/2017 21:43

    Because they have spend all there money on defence as they piss everyone off

  • Bianca S.
    12/20/2017 20:48

    Karuna next time we should drive. 🤔😱

  • Sabrina B.
    12/20/2017 20:20

    Coming fast my ass. Stop tring to undo what other presidents have done and start running the government PLEASE..

  • Sabrina B.
    12/20/2017 20:16

    I bet they don't cut pay checks!!! You don't do your job you should loose it. Who ever is over servcing and maintenance don't do your job, you too can b replaced.... They pay management too much money for things of this sort no to be fixed.

  • Rui A.
    12/20/2017 18:11

    You guys have become a joke. It's almost sad.

  • Allen W.
    12/20/2017 16:03

    Stop supporting illegals and foreign governments

  • Mike D.
    12/20/2017 14:59

    I'm more interested in the AntiFa Manifesto that was floating around months ago that was talking about and teaching ways to derail trains, along with other acts of civil terror. Straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals

  • Brandino R.
    12/20/2017 14:18

    Hey here's an idea stop sending billions to israel and invest in your so called people.

  • Allan W.
    12/20/2017 13:25

    Donny the John lies and lies... and then lies some more

  • Foisal B.
    12/20/2017 06:13

    Excuse me, I was busy taking care of Israel.

  • Dale L.
    12/20/2017 06:11

    I bet this didn’t happen on denzels shift