American Portrait #3: DACA recipient

"They're young individuals that are only pursuing a better future." Isaac, a DACA recipient/Dreamer, tells us what 6 months of Trump has been like for him, in our original series.

08/02/2017 6:00 PM
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  • Darrell D.
    08/02/2017 18:29

    Go back to Mexico and come back through the gate please do not jump the fence.

  • Darrell D.
    08/02/2017 18:30

    Leave as a family unit and you won't have to be afraid of separating the family.

  • Jeff L.
    08/02/2017 18:45

    They are scared cause OUR president believes in law and order

  • Daniel B.
    08/02/2017 19:08

    Undocumented is illegal and you need to be deported come back the legal way... Therese laws have been on the books for drcades... this is not new... Trump for re-election 2020...

  • Bruce M.
    08/02/2017 19:11

    Then do it legally

  • Anna R.
    08/02/2017 19:19

    You guys are gross.. your parents or grandparents did exactly what so many people do today. How would you like a country with promise and liberty to tell you grandma to fuck off cuzz she wasn't born in the right place. Yall wish being born here did something for ya but look around and people with less do more. Get over yourself and your disgusting view of earth as a segregated nation. WE ARE IN A GLOBALIZED AMERICA AND WORLD.

  • Jorge H.
    08/02/2017 19:44

    🙄🙄🙄🙄 ignorance everywhere

  • Stan W.
    08/02/2017 19:48


  • Garrett R.
    08/02/2017 20:04 has been illegal to be "undocumented" since fucking 1924.... get with the program.

  • Roger M.
    08/02/2017 20:05


  • Lamarr B.
    08/02/2017 20:16

    Europeans are immigrants they not American they Irish Dutch French Russian Roman they should leave

  • Christopher O.
    08/02/2017 20:27

    He will stay , I wish him all the luck in the world. May no Evil or Obstacles stand in his way. He has the right to dream here and to accomplish his dreams. :)

  • Shelly C.
    08/02/2017 21:03

    I can't believe these comments. So hateful and insensitive!

  • Pierre M.
    08/02/2017 21:05

    why cant you read english . theree is a big differance between legal and illegal

  • Valeria S.
    08/02/2017 21:18

    You guys really don't know what daca is So stupid and ignorant... We are doing things the right way we go through the background check with immigration..this are kids that were brought here without being ask to be brought there the ones doing it the right way getting our papers the right way.. we get approved because there's obviously not a criminal record. Ones we get approve we pay taxes the same way you guys do. Gives an opportunity to go to College but it comes out of our pockets. This Gives us the opportunity to not be afraid you guys want things to be done the legal way well it's being done the legal way If you don't know what DACA REALLY IS GO AND RESEARCH IT AND LET ME KNOW.

  • Zion G.
    08/02/2017 21:33

    Speaking of doing things Legally I wish the founding fathers of eurocentric America would have done things legally..... I'm sure this country wouldn't be in nearly as much chaos as it is in now..... Mexicans would still have the West Coast..... yeah I wish borders existed back then, oh .......they did!, Europeans just unlawfully violated treaties and cross them and stole the land? Smh..... no respect

  • Colin C.
    08/02/2017 21:45

    No, you can't come in, too many people, fuck off

  • Anthony E.
    08/02/2017 22:26

    If he is part of DACA, he's already legal, you hateful jackasses

  • Droseph M.
    08/02/2017 22:42

    News flash America isn't just for whites LMFAO 😂

  • Christopher G.
    08/02/2017 22:49

    Illegal. Don't care see ya!!!