Amy Coney Barrett on Roe v. Wade

She's a conservative Catholic, a vocal anti-abortionist, and Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court. Here's what Amy Coney Barrett has said about overturning Roe v. Wade.

09/26/2020 9:01 PM


  • Charles R.
    10/29/2020 19:56

    Epstein worked for feinstein

  • Eddie A.
    10/28/2020 10:21

    Murdering innocent babies in the womb is nothing to be proud of.

  • Heidi M.
    10/28/2020 00:49

    I didn't watch the whole thing but women have a voice and we're people too and we're human just like a man the reason men treat us the way they do is because one all they see is the female form and 2 there's so many of us out there acting like you know what so if they'd quit that then we'd all be treated equally

  • Lois M.
    10/27/2020 21:29

    This old Prune needs a nursing home now. She’s crazy! What’s in the Democrats drinking water because it’s spreading and it’s not just hate.

  • Jean W.
    10/27/2020 18:17

    Just imagine the effects of every single woman on this planet giving birth to 7 children...

  • Tanguy C.
    10/27/2020 15:24

    That's no woman

  • Catherine T.
    10/27/2020 14:07

    God appointed. A great choice. ❤❤

  • Ian P.
    10/27/2020 13:15

    It's ok, just another step towards Civil 2: This time it's personal. Hopefully we won't let evil just pretend to surrender this time around and we'll actually kill them all.

  • Luis R.
    10/27/2020 12:41

    No good

  • Madelyn G.
    10/27/2020 12:30

    No answer and they accepted that

  • Paula B.
    10/27/2020 11:52

    Using abortion as a form of birth control is wrong and planned parenthood is systematically racist from design.

  • Crystal H.
    10/27/2020 10:42

    This lovely judge once ruled that being called a N××××r in the work place Did Not Create a Hostile work environment! Lively Godly woman. Who was allowed to adopt Black Children.🙄

  • Ratul T.
    10/27/2020 07:12

    So in America no muslims can become a suprem court judge?

  • Anne M.
    10/27/2020 06:06

    😠 🤬 😡 👿 😤 😾 😠 🤬 😡

  • Alejandro C.
    10/27/2020 05:03

    You are going right into Middle age again lol, hopefully, usa develop a culture this time.

  • Mariadelcarmen A.
    10/27/2020 03:03


  • Sarah M.
    10/27/2020 02:08

    Congrats Amy

  • Anastasia A.
    10/27/2020 02:05

    I am so sick of people controling women!!! And what they can and can’t do! Don’t like abortions~ then don’t have one~ but don’t come into another women’s life and control it! Last time I checked sex is completely normal for 2 consenting people! They concented to having sex, while on contraception~ which can be faulty!!!!! They shouldn’t be punished for having faulty medicine or contraception!!!! They didn’t consent to raising a baby!!! Yea sometimes people have sex out of whim but come on we’re human! Let the women decide~ not a group of people over 6 million women! This isn’t about caring for babies! Since there’s thousands apon thousands in foster and orphanages!!!

  • Tezza T.
    10/27/2020 02:03

    Another blow for America.

  • Scott M.
    10/27/2020 01:57

    Are they gonna show footage of democrats trying to ask her ridiculous questions also? Has anyone here ever actually looked at her history? She’s done a decent job so far.

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