Analyzing Trump's speech

President Donald J. Trump revealed an Air Traffic reform, let's take a closer look at his announcement speech. 🤓😉

06/06/2017 7:29 PM
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  • Brianna F.
    06/06/2017 19:56

    what's going on with this?

  • D'Andrae W.
    06/06/2017 20:06

    This dude is a clown. I've never seen a sitting president try so hard to make the previous president look bad. Thought they both were on the same team... Oh that's right, divisive parties don't care that they're all Americans

  • Nathaniel R.
    06/06/2017 20:37


  • Danii E.
    06/06/2017 20:41

    Technically not a diss if you have absolutely NO IDEA what youre talking about lol

  • Amanda S.
    06/06/2017 20:47

    He is such a bullshit artist! Crappy sales pitch yet again! Wake up people. He is attempting to erase the legacy of Obama to boost his own ego. What a punk.

  • Damien F.
    06/06/2017 21:24

    Christ can one of you Yanks put this mongrel dog down already.You are all going to get rabies off of him.

  • Mark J.
    06/06/2017 21:25

    None of you ppl matter to the gov lol

  • Jose R.
    06/06/2017 21:39

    You a bitch

  • Christina A.
    06/06/2017 21:41


  • Marshall S.
    06/06/2017 21:48

    What you saw was Trump signing a memo saying he'd like Congress to pass a bill to privatize Air Traffic control. It bears no weight. It is supposed to look like a bill signing so it looks like he's doing something but, it's meaningless. Really, it's a bunch of old men watching him write his name for no reason.. #FakePresident

  • Hector F.
    06/06/2017 22:14

    👏👏👏👏 I'm sold 😒

  • Eladio A.
    06/06/2017 23:11

    Hate is such a strong word but I truly despise this man smh

  • Nicole C.
    06/06/2017 23:24

    O lord he is so embarrassing.

  • Will H.
    06/06/2017 23:36


  • Daniel P.
    06/06/2017 23:42

    Awesome job Mr president!! Your doing so fantastic under the crazy circumstances!! Keep doing what your doing and everything will fall into place!!

  • Hector M.
    06/07/2017 00:04

    I hate that piece of shit

  • Felipe F.
    06/07/2017 00:12

    watch the whole thing lmao

  • Henry S.
    06/07/2017 00:21

    I hate that MF!!!!

  • Christian D.
    06/07/2017 01:02

    The previous administration spent 7billion to upgrade the system Trump spent 10billion traveling and playing golf in 1 month lol

  • Eduardo M.
    06/07/2017 01:56

    The name of the country is RUSSIA.