Anderson Cooper vs Donald Trump Jr.

When Donald Trump Jr. fired at him with a flood-related conspiracy theory — Anderson Cooper took the gloves off and hit back.

09/18/2018 7:17 PM


  • Jennifer M.
    09/25/2019 15:56

    Oh the irony a year later.

  • Tina B.
    09/23/2019 19:52

    Oh My God Are The Trumps ALL A Bunch Of Asshats

  • S.E. B.
    09/22/2019 14:38

    This is always great to watch!

  • Teresa S.
    04/25/2019 01:29

    We no lesson dis Morans traders

  • Matt T.
    04/08/2019 16:15

    What an idiot!!!!😂😂😂😂 Show the video where you guys was acting like yall was doing everything yall could just to stand up then 2 guys just walked by calmly and easy as they possibly could.. Yall fake af and you know it.. The scary part is all these idiots that believe this dumb shyt!

  • Bobby S.
    04/07/2019 12:39

    Go back in the closet Andy if you can't take it

  • Brian Q.
    04/07/2019 12:39

    Stop Repeats, Study History !

  • Bobby S.
    04/07/2019 12:34

    I know this is old, but does anyone really consider this to be news?? Really?? Who cares about your cat fight with Donald Jr.? Could any of the news actually report a truth which would make us wiser and maybe encouraged? Gloom , doom , and drama. People love dirty laundry. This thread sucks

  • Gladys W.
    03/23/2019 19:21

    Anderson LOOK who’s his father is!! Just another IDIOT. I enjoy your news coverage. It is really sad, trump kids are SO uneducated. When trump’s son made the statement that Barack was intimidated by his father. I thought WHAT A JOKE!!!🙏

  • Art W.
    11/27/2018 01:59

    Well Anderson Cooper should know something about lies, since he tells them every day.

  • Shirley S.
    10/21/2018 12:49

    Well spoken Anderson.

  • Juan G.
    10/17/2018 00:44

    Still fake news

  • Shirl M.
    10/02/2018 21:22

    Thank you Anderson for clearing that up I never really doubted you.

  • Sylvia M.
    10/01/2018 16:14

    Anything that comes out of 45 or his son or staff. I don't believe. No worries here.

  • Danielle M.
    10/01/2018 15:55

    since we had talked about this a few weeks ago, Anderson sets the record straight! :-)

  • Chris R.
    10/01/2018 04:47

    Like father like son.

  • Daniel B.
    10/01/2018 02:50

    Such a non story. CNN is a joke no matter what.

  • Caroline M.
    10/01/2018 01:14

    You tell um Anderson

  • Sahil M.
    09/30/2018 17:36

    So when there is a flood, we should show the mountain which is not under water?

  • Haylei S.
    09/30/2018 16:00

    he went off 😂

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