Andrew Yang speaks out against anti-Asian attacks after Atlanta shooting

"Anti-Asian racism is deadly. It is real. It is growing stronger and more powerful." An emotional Andrew Yang spoke out against anti-Asian attacks after 6 Asian women were shot and killed in Atlanta.

03/17/2021 10:04 PM


  • Nnaemeka F.
    03/24/2021 15:02

    China would have thought of this before they unreached the world with corona virus .

  • James S.
    03/21/2021 15:19

    Stop all hate

  • Stev K.
    03/21/2021 09:31

    Remember a sikh man was shot died by a white bigot in atlanta in the riot 9/11 .. He was shoot died and accused by white people a terrorist. Since 9/11 lot of muslim from middle east ,woman ,elderly ,children become target racial assault by white bigot in US, canada ,Australia and europe. This all were created by them ..and all of us either asian or muslim had being scapegoat for the western politically.

  • Watiyanger M.
    03/21/2021 02:12

    black people do not discriminate white people, asians do not discriminate white people, middle easterns do not discriminate white people. Its white people who discriminate other race. You are as ugly as we are and as beautiful as we are. No one is less, No one is more. You people asks immigrants to stay out of your country but you people started imperialism. you over exploited our countries. Stop this double standard.

  • Thomas A.
    03/21/2021 00:48

    He’s a douche

  • Khoan M.
    03/20/2021 18:27

    The USA government need to do something about this, can’t let these thing happen to Innocent people, we all are humans and all human have human right. So sad to know now we are living in 20th century and still have these racist. So Sad some people 😔

  • Matt B.
    03/20/2021 15:23

    Typical Democrat making everything about race. The idiot suspect was a sex addict.

  • Abhinaya G.
    03/20/2021 04:21

    I don't understand what so great about Americans who feel superior to others and hate others.....literally you're not the centre of the universe

  • Ramona L.
    03/19/2021 18:47

    It was a hate crime against women not Asians! The man was a sex addict on a rampage. Shame on your reporting.

  • Monica D.
    03/19/2021 16:42

    When the sherriff said "He was having a bad day" in regards to the shooter, I wanted to punch him in the face. No way would that have been said if the victims were white and the shooter black or brown. This was a hate crime, pure and simple.

  • Kwame F.
    03/19/2021 16:39

    Propaganda against foreigners in China too

  • Timothy J.
    03/19/2021 16:19

    What is happening America! Don’t go down that path, it never, ever ends well for everybody. Stay focused, use intelligence and common sense and remember that America represents Freedom, Peace and Respect for All. No More Violence please!

  • Gregory W.
    03/19/2021 14:25

    It wasn't a racial hate was a crime against sex workers....get! There's a big difference there and y'all need to stop with this race bait crap Even the police said it wasn't racially motivated. It people like you Brut who are destroying this country with lies and false flags. Just stop it already

  • Philip O.
    03/19/2021 11:33

    God bless them. We all need to love each other not fight all human beings have a heart and red blood all human are not bad don't tar everybody with the same brush hopefully we will get the murderers and bring them to justice 🙏☮️

  • Ermias M.
    03/19/2021 09:40

    I thought it was Ip Man

  • Borya P.
    03/19/2021 08:55

    Democrats underground organizations are behind this killing to mislead the people and blame it on Trump and the republicans for the coming election

  • Borya P.
    03/19/2021 08:53

    How many people in China are in Concentration camps and are killed because of religion and other circumstances

  • Vlad P.
    03/19/2021 07:40

    Too bad that the perpetrators aren’t

  • Johnny L.
    03/19/2021 04:48

    I am not Asian!

  • Leon Z.
    03/19/2021 00:58

    The 🤡 agency and MSM love to creat fauxbias. Divide and conquer is their motto.

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