Animals Have Feelings, According to a Primatologist

Humans aren't that special. Primatologist Frans de Waal says animals are capable of feeling empathy, too. 🐵❤️

Some of the theories still face strong resistance.

For over 40 years, primatologist Frans de Waal has been debunking myths about differences between animals and humans. Animals emotions have long been ignored. But he says our emotions are more similar than we think — beginning with empathy. Studies show that primates have a similar sense of fairness. He believes the roots of morality are seen in the social behavior of monkeys and apes.

“What we should learn is that we are primates, we are not different really, we have bigger brains, we have no different brains. There's nothing in our brain that is not in a chimpanzee brain. Our need for social relationships, our need for affection and love, our ways of we resolve conflict between each other, all these things are extremely similar. The chimpanzee communicates all these shades of emotion that we have but we don't always see that. I noticed that for example chimpanzees have one chimpanzee has lost a fight, others will go over and embrace them and kiss them and try to calm them down. People didn't want to hear about empathy in animals. If animals kill each other we want to hear about that, because that's what animals are supposed to do, but empathy was not part of the concept that people had about animals.”

His research into the innate capacity for empathy among primates has led De Waal to the conclusion that non-human great apes and humans are simply different types of apes, and that empathic and cooperative tendencies are continuous between these species. The idea behind the animal origins of human characteristics was introduced by Charles Darwin in 1872. Some of the theories still face strong resistance. Often criticized for “anthropomorphism” — the attribution of human characteristics to animals — de Waal has shed light on the negative effects of denying this — or “anthropodenial.”


08/10/2019 6:02 PM


  • Manoj C.
    12/18/2019 14:42

    So true that human were protected by wolves

  • Friday N.
    10/31/2019 09:52

    Humans are Special Not because of the Feelings and the Ability to talk BUT because we have the Legal right to Dominate the Earth and everything in it. The Difference is Dominion over the earth. Its our Legal Right

  • Alex P.
    10/31/2019 01:01

    Yes,true indeed!

  • Tapan K.
    10/31/2019 00:42

    Mother,s love

  • Nounas N.
    10/30/2019 21:19

    وجعلناهم قردة خاسئين ... اصحاب السبت لهذا هناك شبه كبير للقردة بالانسان

  • Danlami M.
    10/29/2019 21:55

    Thanks again aslm and happy to you

  • Rolland M.
    10/29/2019 21:09

    It is because we are created by only one being, God.

  • Amal S.
    10/29/2019 17:29

    سبحان الله

  • Manju T.
    10/29/2019 03:35

    Aama ko maya

  • Kasarachi O.
    10/27/2019 22:48

    I dont think so.....look at what the Humans hv achieved and look at oder animals......its clear to see

  • Jakub R.
    10/27/2019 19:51

    It's obvious. Humans are animals too, in genetic terms. We are also primates, too. Most complex brain.

  • Riana V.
    10/27/2019 18:18

    .. Kyk hier... Laat my dink aan ons gesprek oor Pi

  • Susi D.
    10/27/2019 14:54

    Cause they do... Mammals and primates..

  • Галя Г.
    10/27/2019 10:36


  • Wilfredo G.
    10/26/2019 22:57

    kenda bienvenida a la realidad.Los humanos somos una variedad de primates clasificados de esta manera:CLASE MAMMALIA.ORDEN PRIMATE. CLASE HOMINIDAE. ESPECIE HOMO màs ni menos.Soy biòlogo ademàs de mùsico.

  • Ed A.
    10/26/2019 22:35

    Of course they are.

  • Patricia G.
    10/26/2019 21:49

    But who amongst the non-human animal world can read and write, produce works of art, Societies of law and justice, engineering and scientific studies to improve their lives and well being? "Shades of emotion" are scant proof of animal/ human similarly and I sincerely question the mentality (or sanity) of those who believe such (no matter what academic credentials they possess). The human brain is the most wondrous thing in the Universe.

  • Tahar R.
    10/26/2019 17:25

    Well almost all animals on earth have feelings and what have been mentioned.

  • PaRo G.
    10/26/2019 11:02

    Let's do smthg more for Primates mistreated in laboratories Recently again disclosed many useless tortures actually hindering human health as well

  • GodoFredo M.
    10/25/2019 23:44

    Chimpanzee dont do Drugs and Evil crime.teach your chimpanzee to read Bible

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