• Chris B.
    08/07/2017 23:57

    Lol @ studies that don't cite actual crime stats from law enforcement agencies. Any Jack ass with a Reiter or face book account can run a poll with flimsy criteria and pass it off as objective fact lol.

  • Melvin C.
    08/07/2017 23:11

    So once again you are propagandists liars fox news.

  • Bijon W.
    08/06/2017 16:49

    Fox News 🤦🏽‍♂️🤡🤡🤡🤡😭😭😂😂🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  • Karen H.
    08/04/2017 09:24

    I am an American and I live in a Muslim country. My Christian mother visited me here many, many times. She dressed in typically western clothing, always. Nevertheless, she was welcomed with open arms every single time. She walked openly down many streets, ate in many restaurants, visited many stores and museums. She never had anything but the most positive of experiences and frequently talked about the generosity she experienced here.

  • David W.
    08/04/2017 09:18

    Go to the middle East as an overt Christian or Jew .

  • Naida S.
    07/21/2017 11:16

    whatchu say Fax? 😏

  • Tina T.
    07/21/2017 05:24

    If there is more Muslim hate crimes, those can be blamed on that Linda chick. She's the one calling for Jihad.

  • Julianna S.
    07/20/2017 16:24

    Why are all the right wing white supremacists getting so butthurt in the comments? "Oh no the people I've been harassing for years on end are standing up for themselves? Ugh how dare they."

  • Yaki K.
    07/20/2017 15:24

    The guy is an imbecile

  • Narges H.
    07/20/2017 12:02

    oh wow so much hate towards muslims in the comments, keep it up world war 3 will happen and guess what, victims will be morons like you who provoke and promote hate and bunch of innocent people and children

  • Salma L.
    07/20/2017 11:48

    That's what the rulers want, they want everyone to hate Muslims on order to rectify killing them wherever they may be. To have a reason of the genocide that is going on. What the Jews have been through during WW2 the Muslims are now universally victims of crimes. no doubt about it. Racism is all against Islam today. These are morons who believe the media that intoxicated the heart and filled it with hate. What with empathy. Get to know Islam before hating it and comploting against it! It will never vanish.

  • Aladdin D.
    07/20/2017 07:19

    Never will they come in peace not in a million years so get that out from your head don't be stupid and naïve... just get your self a legal gun and protect your self easy and fucking simple

  • Sham S.
    07/19/2017 23:14

    Tucker she's on one of the networks which thrives on made up statistics...... dumb ass!!

  • Munaf Q.
    07/18/2017 12:48

    Tucker is a friggin prejudiced ass

  • Aaron R.
    07/17/2017 22:56

    Yeah, she got you. Now slap yourself in the face this one time 😂

  • Teish H.
    07/17/2017 22:33

    I'm so fucking sick of every woman on television getting interrupted by some wanker when they're trying to convey an actual point

  • Jones D.
    07/17/2017 18:25

    Mhm mhm So how many American men and women go across seas to fight for the equality and freedom of Muslims? What is more shocking is that people think it's okay and coming up with excuses. If it's okay to harm someone because of the Quran than Christians need to suit up with some protection like yesterday.

  • Steven K.
    07/17/2017 08:41

    All the figures she claims are from far left organizations...

  • Johnny W.
    07/17/2017 02:48

    I think those numbers need further examination. https://www.hrw.org/news/2017/05/11/hate-crimes-against-muslims-us-continue-rise-2016

  • Jimmy B.
    07/16/2017 17:20

    Those stats include all religions, not just Islam. Jews are victim's of "hate crimes" more than Muslims are. Where is the outrage from the left about the Jews? Oh that's right, the left hates the Jews.