• Michael W.
    04/22/2019 19:03

    over 300 Christians killed by a radical Islamic group yet no outcry? no comments from the Islamic community, no Muslims gathering around churches to guard Christians as they pray? Say something negative about Islam in Canada and your labeled a racist and nobody wants to talk about the millions of people murdered in Allah's name?

  • Angel R.
    03/27/2018 03:00

    I am not a Muslim I don’t believe in it but this is America you can practice any region you want in your home and church. That’s it

  • Tom W.
    03/22/2018 10:13

    SPLC is little more than a propaganda machine of the left. CATO is decent but extremely biased and anytime you sure UC it's almost always easy to disprove their claims. For this lady, they attribute every mass shooting as right wing nationalist even though there is little proof. On the other hand we have plenty of proof when a Muslim commits terrorism because they literally spell it out. Hate crimes in the US are up but so are incidents of fake hate crimes and the #1 target of hate crimes is still the Jews not the Muslims.

  • Gordon A.
    03/13/2018 15:46

    Muslims are the kiss of death for any country that they get into 😝

  • Dave H.
    03/01/2018 05:14

    “I don’t want to interrupt you, but...” I’m dying to interrupt you, derail your train of thought and control and co-opt the conversation.

  • Michael L.
    03/01/2018 00:59

    Tucker is a total ignorant POS.. His trash.

  • Atif C.
    02/28/2018 19:42

    FOX is a facts-free zone tho

  • Kirby J.
    02/28/2018 17:58

    The fact that ANYONE, would believe Tucker(the agitated) Carlson, for ANY NEWS, is laughable. Faux news is a joke and when trump is impeached, I say we as a nation, go after them to close those lying doors! Fox News!!! EAD and GFY! I hope your owners, die a horrific and slow death. I truly do. You're all scum and deserve the worst.

  • Robert B.
    02/28/2018 15:48

    Hate to use old cliches but the one of everyone has the right to their own opinion but not their own facts is certainly applicable here. Are right wing nationalists responsible for the everyone's actions in the Middle East or for that matter the terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East or the United States ? It's intelligently disingenuous reporting as this that is truly harmful.

  • Janice S.
    02/28/2018 12:33

    I love seeing that smarmy a-hole Tucker put in his place. I force myself to watch him occasionally but after 5 minutes I feel like I'm going to puke.

  • Brandon S.
    02/28/2018 03:06

    FOX NEWS IS the FAKE News. Just listen.

  • Roberta G.
    02/27/2018 15:50

    I would love to wipe that smirk off his face.

  • Don P.
    02/27/2018 15:20

    Carlson is a tool. Absolutely no intellectual integrity.....but, what can one expect from Faux News?

  • Dawn M.
    02/27/2018 15:09

    This guy ..... racism doesn’t exist. It’s fake news. Because your WAF Tucker Carlton. WAF. Wow.

  • Barberousse Z.
    02/26/2018 16:56


  • Danny M.
    02/26/2018 02:16

    Tucker Carlson is a racist nationalist sympathizer.

  • Glenn G.
    02/26/2018 01:52

    This is true Tim , but I happen to remember this Exchange because I was watching it when it originally aired, Tucker Carlson is a right-wing conservative that has his own agenda he is not impartial he is not above creating his own narrative and the Very lies that you speak of.

  • Timothy M.
    02/26/2018 01:33

    That's not the whole interview it's only clips media lies for their own agenda.

  • Joan T.
    02/26/2018 00:45

    Grrrr I’d like to smack the smug off douchbag’s face

  • Geraldine B.
    02/25/2018 20:50

    He loves to interrupt and then change the subject

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