AOC reacts to Derek Chauvin conviction

"Justice is George Floyd going home tonight to be with his family." Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for policy change following Derek Chauvin's conviction for George Floyd's murder.

04/21/2021 12:59 PM


  • Charlie S.
    04/28/2021 18:19


  • Max H.
    04/25/2021 09:51

    You should realize that the safest way not to die like an idiot is to not resist the arrest 🙄

  • Dorothy M.
    04/25/2021 02:55

    Absolutely so true .saw. what happen

  • Christopher B.
    04/25/2021 02:15

    Hey horse teeth go stuff your mouth straw your so dumb that's about the best thing you can do

  • Minnie W.
    04/25/2021 00:47

    Thank you, Rep. AOC!

  • Josh S.
    04/24/2021 15:02

    AoC. Please jump from the highest bridge you can find.

  • Sylvia G.
    04/24/2021 14:54

    And why do they shoot to kill? Can't they just injury someone to stop them.

  • Alex G.
    04/24/2021 03:26

    If you talking but you can’t do anything you don’t make sense to me do something

  • Bon D.
    04/24/2021 01:33

    millions of skilled, intelligent people trying legally to immigrate to the u. s. and failing but this one, with a brain the size of pea, was granted citizenship and now a wonder the u. s. is full of illegal drugs pushers, arsonists, looters and murders now..

  • Dripaul P.
    04/23/2021 22:28

    Circus come to town

  • Liz B.
    04/23/2021 19:29

    I think this was blew up way too much just saying bs

  • Lorenzo Z.
    04/23/2021 13:39

    So truly spoken!

  • Brian K.
    04/23/2021 03:18


  • Brian K.
    04/23/2021 03:18


  • Brian K.
    04/23/2021 03:18


  • Tim M.
    04/22/2021 19:54


  • Sharon S.
    04/22/2021 19:36

    Shut uppppppp

  • Sharon S.
    04/22/2021 19:35

    What is her point ? “We didn’t know if there would be a guilty verdict”? You never know what the verdict is until it’s read. This is another one of her comments that she feels that she needs to comment on.

  • Zack B.
    04/22/2021 18:38

    She's a idiot.please tell her I said so.

  • Brian S.
    04/22/2021 18:24

    I'm just going to keep my mouth shut on this one (CWB)

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