AOC rebels, votes "no" on reopening the gov't

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez again was the only Democrat to vote against a bill to reopen government. Funding ICE had something to do with it. đŸ€­

01/24/2019 8:01 PM


  • Joshua C.
    01/26/2019 02:53

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha this chick is a MISTAKE

  • Harmon W.
    01/26/2019 02:16

    She is tripping frfr.

  • Keegan B.
    01/25/2019 22:26

    iLegaL ImMiGraTION IsnT BAD iTs GoOd fOr OuR eConoMy

  • Randy W.
    01/25/2019 13:41

    Why is this person even in office?

  • Stacy A.
    01/25/2019 08:15


  • Brut
    01/24/2019 22:25

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was only just elected — but she's already mastered the art of the clapback.

  • Judith O.
    01/24/2019 21:16

    Watch out......this woman is taking no prisoners!!! Whether you agree with her views or not she and many others are the new faces in America's future political arena. This next generation of politicians are out spoken, maybe to much for some but they're here!!! As time passes we'll see what's what, and I hope they can find mentors from the "old guard" and learn from their wisdom, experience as well as their mistakes to guide them in the future.

  • Lu D.
    01/24/2019 20:58

    Thank you!!!!

  • Lee J.
    01/24/2019 20:53

    I'm not sure about her yet..

  • Charles C.
    01/24/2019 20:52


  • Muhammad N.
    01/24/2019 20:09

    Good thinking

  • Darrel Y.
    01/24/2019 20:08

    That a good thing

  • Hossin N.
    01/24/2019 20:07

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  • Sa M.
    01/24/2019 20:04

    j'aime la façon dont elle bouge. Tous les bons mouvements sont bons.

  • Richard E.
    01/24/2019 19:55

    She knows what shes doing , shes got the look trust her . i like the way she moves . All the right moves shes good.

  • Christopher J.
    01/24/2019 19:46

    Oh the irony