Arnold Schwarzenegger condemns Capitol rioters, draws comparisons to Germany

"Being from Europe, I've seen firsthand how things can spin out of control." For Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Capitol riots drew comparisons to a night of anti-Semitic violence in 1930s Germany...

01/11/2021 2:14 PM


  • Bharat G.
    01/15/2021 19:17

    Good evening sir. Is democracy or commulalim or dictatorship should be prefererd..??

  • Venkataraman S.
    01/15/2021 02:32

    British and capitalist Zionist divided German and jews humiliated whole nation crippled economy so need party tolerant people United y to listen to leaders just vote ask benefits forgot let party members of both United

  • Venkataraman S.
    01/15/2021 02:30

    Wow great but post Nazi German and israel had Germans jews as judge prosecute Nazi like Eichmann other Nazi

  • शिवाजीराव र.
    01/14/2021 10:50

    In India RSS is building a Nazi nation and supporting communal masscare....Who involved in this is now Prime Minister of India and good friend of Trump.... Terminator Please terminate all this rubbish around the world

  • Krupa D.
    01/13/2021 10:59

    In one ear, out the other!!

  • Abdul A.
    01/13/2021 05:29

    Please have some words on Palestinian cause too as your own democratic government supports the exodus of Palestinian ppl from their own lands

  • Dhoen R.
    01/12/2021 22:47

    Fair Election , you sure about that ? We heard and seen the leaked videos of the Truck driver that the Voting Ballots fraudelant , Vaccine stuffs ? Also that leaked clip where the Chinese Official saying they have so many powerful people in the US and Joe Biden is their buddy ? Damn even the most powerful country is not spared by the CCP ...may be this guy Arnold too in the List you never know 😭

  • Harvey S.
    01/12/2021 20:20

    Thank you sir for your honest speech. Respect 🙏 Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, will go down in the history, one of the worse politician leaders!

  • G.K. W.
    01/12/2021 18:00

    Mody n trump me zamin aasman ka fark hai kaha raja bhoj or kaha gangu teli

  • Omkar S.
    01/12/2021 17:25

    He sagla thik ahe pn capital la Capitol ka?

  • Justina E.
    01/12/2021 14:23

    You spoke very well.trump will remain the worst president the Americas will ever had.he is a monster that was sent to distroy the American dream

  • Jeanangelina P.
    01/12/2021 12:42

    Truth .....I salute to u you sir as long as there are sensible people we still have a ray of hope ...that the sun will shine brighter tomorrow...n the chaos will clam down

  • Raj S.
    01/12/2021 08:28

    Not only in the terminator he also has a machinegun in his courage to speak out The fact !

  • Albin P.
    01/12/2021 08:10

    " Respect from World's largest democratic system to world's oldest democratic system. " May Good God Bless United States Of America...... Thank You Sir.

  • Shadab A.
    01/12/2021 07:48

    And we think our situation is different........ Definitely cruelty always results in frustration

  • Akarsh S.
    01/12/2021 07:22

    India also waiting for such incidents in future

  • Rm M.
    01/12/2021 07:21

    he talks about past but still happening in palestine like it had happen in usa..the diff is it is zionist who does

  • Wild R.
    01/12/2021 07:20

    Well said 👍👏👏👏👏

  • Kshitij B.
    01/12/2021 07:12

    Lies lies lies intolerance that's kind of happening here in our country too hope people understand that soon enough god speed.

  • Abhishek R.
    01/12/2021 05:52

    Watch this video first to know the truth about capitol riots

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