• Leland M.
    11/11/2020 16:51


  • Varis V.
    11/04/2020 05:03

    Does it matter?

  • Dakota W.
    11/04/2020 01:00

    Trump has been nothing but the best for this country. The only thing you did was create a health care program that is unaffordable and then tax people that work hard and cant afford the Obamacare at the end of the year for not having health insurance. What the hell did you do for you eight years besides nothing anyway? Trump was doing well until the covid19 hit and even after that, he's still doing great. I tell you what, stand down like we did and let President Trump do his job.

  • Robin K.
    11/01/2020 23:25

    Powerful leader with speech...

  • Jorden M.
    10/30/2020 23:16


  • Nate B.
    10/29/2020 18:47

    Obama sucks

  • Cody K.
    10/27/2020 19:49

    What a stupid clown

  • Kev I.
    10/27/2020 14:31

    Worst president since carter

  • Gravy R.
    10/27/2020 01:58

    Obama's a f****** piece of s***

  • Banks D.
    10/25/2020 21:42

    Black war criminal

  • Yvonne C.
    10/25/2020 16:48


  • Linda J.
    10/25/2020 03:33

    Satan uses Obama to fill his pit . Abortion is murder and that’s what he and Democrats stand for .

  • Richard L.
    10/24/2020 21:53

    Hope is hunter strokes out before nov 3 8pm

  • Debbie S.
    10/24/2020 20:24

    what about the 8 yrs before you was not hopeful then

  • Gioacchino J.
    10/24/2020 14:50


  • Julie T.
    10/24/2020 04:50

    While I don’t understand US politics, I really do admire this man as a person. He comes across as informed, measured and decent. 🇦🇺

  • Tyler S.
    10/24/2020 04:14

    Nice ears Dumbo!😆

  • Christopher G.
    10/23/2020 21:50

    The only president worth my respect.

  • Spyroxx B.
    10/23/2020 01:59

    It’s Friday, October 23rd 2020, and the Obama/Biden administration was the most corrupt in US history.

  • Pearl M.
    10/23/2020 01:39

    Trump 2020

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