Bernie Sanders’ life has shaped his politics

From socialist mayor to presidential power player — this is the life of Bernie Sanders.

02/20/2019 3:11 PMupdated: 02/21/2019 10:29 PM
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  • Christopher J.
    02/20/2019 15:12

    Looks like Bernie needs another beach house and free money from his cult

  • Sajjad A.
    02/20/2019 15:14

    Wish him all the good luck

  • Herminio C.
    02/20/2019 15:16

    I'm with you Bernie Sanders for President 2020.

  • Dave F.
    02/20/2019 15:18


  • Daniel A.
    02/20/2019 15:22


  • Derek E.
    02/20/2019 15:23

    Should be running to a retirement home...not for president.

  • Murray C.
    02/20/2019 15:26

    Ya ya ya we all heard this last time lol..

  • Rachel S.
    02/20/2019 15:31

    I won't vote for someone in the Presidential race because of, or in resistance to, their age, race, religion, or gender. That's far too limited in scope for me. As long as they are generally healthy, there is so much more that concerns me. What do I look at? 1) Is the candidate experienced? 2) Is the candidate steadfast? 3) Has their track-record been consistently on the right side of history concerning racism, climate change, economics, foreign policy, etc throughout their political career or have they been wishy-washy depending on what would get them votes? 4) Are they capable of igniting that same "right side of history" fire in voters regardless of their age, race, gender, religion, culture, etc? 5) Are they willing to go the extra mile even when it's tough? 6) Are they indebted to, or cultivate relationships with, Big Corporations, Lobbyists, Big Banks, and Super PACS to a large degree? 7) Do they care about, and encourage, grass-roots efforts by the average citizen and reinforcing the power of the people regardless of if it supports themselves? 8) Do they have the psychological and emotional disposition and stability necessary? The answer to these main questions are what's important to me. For myself, the answer was Bernie Sanders in 2016 and it's still Bernie Sanders today.

  • Michael S.
    02/20/2019 15:34

    Socialism means death. It’s what killed his family in the holocaust and it’s what fuels the racist Democrat ( KKK) party

  • Chris J.
    02/20/2019 15:35


  • Alan R.
    02/20/2019 16:00

    Liberals have an unfocused ideology when it comes to solving societal problems. If the remedy is simple and the masses will accept it and a political advantage for their advocates will be achieved, e.g., gun confiscation for mass shootings as the only solution will be articulated. In my opinion there needs to be specific solutions to specific societal problems and all remedies should be considered.

  • Brut
    02/20/2019 16:07

    Back in 2003, Bernie Sanders was educating high school students on how to change politics.

  • Taurino T.
    02/20/2019 16:20

    maybe you should take your time to understand what social ism is we already have it in our school systems are government is a socialist program our social security is a social program our Police department our fire department are all socialist program.

  • Matthew N.
    02/20/2019 16:38

    Socialists. Idiots

  • Michael E.
    02/20/2019 16:38

    He’s sharp as a tack

  • Danielle R.
    02/20/2019 18:07

    Omg, I can't even fathom....

  • Emilee Q.
    02/20/2019 18:39


  • Alan S.
    02/20/2019 20:03

    He would have beat Trump in 2016 if the democratic establishment had got behind him,lets hope they don't do the same again.

  • Rick F.
    02/20/2019 20:03

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha!

  • Matt T.
    02/20/2019 20:10

    POS Communist nothing more...