Beto and Trump Go Head-to-Head Over Border

POTUS has a new Democratic nemesis: Beto O'Rourke — and he’s employing a favorite tactic of the president to make his own case for border security.

02/12/2019 11:22 PMupdated: 02/13/2019 4:19 PM
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  • Leslie W.
    02/12/2019 23:25

    The only wall that needs to be built is between the US and 45, before he completely destroys this country.

  • Magdalis A.
    02/12/2019 23:29

    45 with lies as usual, corrupted criminal..the worst in the history..Beto is different he cares for the people..45 only cares about making money while dragging the people down to the shithole..

  • David B.
    02/12/2019 23:33

    Walls saves lives and jobs you idiot.

  • Davon R.
    02/12/2019 23:39

    If incompetence were bricks Trump would already have his wall.

  • LiChun S.
    02/12/2019 23:46

    Good for Beto!

  • David P.
    02/12/2019 23:47


  • Paisley C.
    02/12/2019 23:48

    I'm tired of failed Americans trying to tell the rest of us America isn't already great. And that the country and ideals our founders had aren't enough. Trump has poisoned a part of the population into thinking we're in the old west again, instead of the modern society the people in the old west built. Beto O'Rourke knows his city better than an over-fed, over-indulged, over-the-hill former reality star.

  • Terry G.
    02/12/2019 23:52

    Beto seems not all there

  • Patty K.
    02/12/2019 23:54

    Go Beto......

  • Caro G.
    02/12/2019 23:59

    What a great speaker — Beto.

  • Barbara L.
    02/13/2019 00:08

    I like Beto much more than Dumbo !

  • Ana R.
    02/13/2019 00:14

    #BETO2020 ❤❤

  • Thomas E.
    02/13/2019 00:17

    Try standing under your roof without walls

  • Cody C.
    02/13/2019 00:19

    This moron is the furthest thing from a nemesis lmao.

  • Lisa C.
    02/13/2019 00:31

    Beto is a fraud and a loser. He is Irish yet portrays himself Hispanic ( his real name is Robert not Beto). He lost the last election. Trump had 22,000 at his rally. "Beto" had 66- 175 people at his, lol!

  • Ahmed N.
    02/13/2019 00:34

    Thoughts 😯

  • Guadalupe J.
    02/13/2019 00:37

    Trump continues to manipulate... His supporters and base. All other Americans aren't buying his narrative. Trump needs to get updated false rhetoric. #FUCKINGMORON

  • Tim K.
    02/13/2019 00:38

    Protesting walls surrounded by a wall 😂 it's okay to support legal immigration 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Brynnan C.
    02/13/2019 00:51

    Hahahah no one was at his ralley in his own home town... so stfu with that bs. Also why did he have a fence between him and his crowd?

  • Larry T.
    02/13/2019 00:56