Betsy DeVos vs. Jeff Merkley

Secretary Betsy DeVos won't work to ban discrimination against LGBTQ students or based on religion.

06/07/2017 11:17 AM
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  • Jameka E.
    06/07/2017 11:53

    Classic! "What program are you talking about?". Good one. Now in order for our future kiddos to receive a proper education from a school that has great finding, we'll have to put them in private schools. Terrific!

  • Mark N.
    06/07/2017 12:23

    She's doing everything she can to not say the gays should burn in hell!!!!

  • Tony N.
    06/07/2017 12:25

    She is clueless and dumb as a rock.

  • John L.
    06/07/2017 12:30

    What a bitch

  • Tavontè S.
    06/07/2017 12:38

    This bitch I can't stand her

  • James J.
    06/07/2017 12:58

    It's all about their own agenda and filling their own pockets.

  • 陈俊耀
    06/07/2017 14:03

    White people need to learn English, it's a simple yes or no question.

  • Sue W.
    06/07/2017 14:27

    This girl is an idiot

  • Chumm C.
    06/07/2017 14:48

    this is why I'm scared

  • Bree B.
    06/07/2017 14:49

    She's the real life Delores Umbridge..

  • Bryan J.
    06/07/2017 15:19

    This woman is strange up retarded.

  • Steve N.
    06/07/2017 16:24

    whe's trumps great white hope. And hope s nearly gone

  • Arles B.
    06/07/2017 16:24

    and she was hand picked to do this job..... lol

  • Jason P.
    06/07/2017 16:24

    It is not the job of the government to over extend its reach or power. If the laws are "foggy" then rewrite the law but don't for one second expect a governmental power to enforce on "feeling". She is doing EXACTLY what government is supposed to do. You people are thick in the head if you have an issue with this.

  • Patrick G.
    06/07/2017 16:43

    It's not the governments job to raise your children, it's yours, my advice,1. Teach your children not to bully. 2. Teach them how to react when they get bullied, and everyone gets bullied. You ppl think if you throw enough government funded programs at something you could have your magical world of rainbows and unicorns.

  • Adam G.
    06/07/2017 16:53

    This FUCKING bitch

  • Craptain V.
    06/07/2017 17:00

    She's such an idiot.

  • Efar M.
    06/07/2017 17:08

    she is so stupid

  • Omar Q.
    06/07/2017 17:39

    This bitch is stupid

  • Pharaoh P.
    06/07/2017 18:21

    god dammit