• Dawn H.
    29 minutes

    He did you senile corrupt pervert

  • Buns G.
    an hour

    Chump please 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫💯💯💯💯💯

  • Letty S.
    2 hours

    Our President lives on Earth 🌎 ..... the other one hmmmm 🤔......0 the basement

  • Yoj S.
    2 hours

    So much deception...

  • Chris C.
    3 hours

    Shut the f😡😡k up Joe! What happened was that people are pissed off at their dually elected officials because they are self serving hypocrites that aren't doing what we elected them to do.

  • Angela H.
    4 hours

    Funny on how quickly people forgot what happened while Obama was in office. Biden is worse. Our country is in Sirius trouble come Inauguration Day.

  • Adam C.
    5 hours

    Democrats are pure 😈

  • Jeremy M.
    5 hours

    BLM addressed the root of the problem by blocking traffic, beating innocent citizens, burning down local businesses, and looting stores??? Hmm. I see.

  • Glenn B.
    6 hours

    Biden a tool,and fool,,

  • Shaun C.
    6 hours

    Aww.. Grandpa looks so cute when he's trying to look tough.. Bless his feeble old hart.

  • Brenda S.
    6 hours

    Biden you are a nutcase

  • Meg W.
    6 hours

    Amazing how Biden stayed silent while cities & small businesses were burning not so long ago & how Harris was bailing out the same people who burned our cities, our businesses & hurt our officers!! He’s a coward & no leader!! God Bless President Trump!!

  • Lin O.
    6 hours

    Biden is a joke !!!! He never ever condemned all the violence for the past year not once. Pretty sad the way this election was conducted & the democrats rigged it from the minute they pushed for the mail in vote & no voter ID.

  • Mable H.
    6 hours

    Mr Trump the best President this Country has ever had .

  • Trent H.
    6 hours

    How soon you forgot how riots were destroying some of our major cities, but that was ok?

  • Robert T.
    6 hours

    Trump Won! Biden is an idiot.

  • Gary W.
    7 hours

    As so as long as the grifter king is gone we shall have peace.....and quiet.....can't be best?....then be gone!.....😂🙃😂

  • Regan R.
    7 hours

    Typical Trump,,. SO FAKE

  • Johna L.
    7 hours

    All liars in media and deep state go down on the 20th! 25,000 military aren’t in Washington to protect Biden! That’s when the show ends! Trumps family will be safe and arrests will be happening

  • Helen R.
    7 hours

    Love our President! He is real. He is compassionate and he loves our country!

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