• Herbert W.
    06/01/2020 11:29

    The absurdity. Going to the beach does not put you in danger. We have allowed huge supercenters stay open and that’s ok, but a local salon has to close. Pot dispensaries are labeled “essential” but a family business open for 3 generations is closed. Keeping people out of work for three months and giving them $1200 to make it ok is acceptable? Come on people... We’re smarter than this. We have shut down the whole world for something that effects less than .05% of the population. Someone is getting rich while the rest of us are losing everything. People have had enough. We wonder why tensions are so high. Everyone is on edge. Look what is happening with the police. They are supposed to be chasing criminals. Instead they are closing mom and pop store and arresting people for not social distancing. You thing this isn’t stressful? Then people die because it is bringing out the worst. Now we have riots and looting because people are frustrated and broke and any excuse to be angry. This is more devastating than a world war.

  • Julie A.
    06/01/2020 08:33

    Come on ! Social distancing and masks are unnecessary. Perpetuated fear from the media. Protesters were not afraid of any virus.

  • Alexander A.
    05/31/2020 03:58


  • Diane J.
    05/30/2020 14:36

    Americans have lost over 100,000 loved ones to this virus 😢 Guess they will just lose 1000s more . Because they dont seem to care going by these videos . Do sad . 😕

  • Diane J.
    05/30/2020 14:33

    Spreading the virus around and pretending its all gone now but its getting worse atm and more people will die 😕 Really selfish people out there . Complacency and ignorance sadly will spread this virus. HUMAN beings are basically STUPID 😡😠

  • Jane S.
    05/30/2020 13:27

    No thought for their own or loved one’s health. Wait til they are on ventilators fighting for their lives, will they be able to be free then? Idiots

  • Rusty O.
    05/30/2020 13:07

    Typical ignorant people

  • Joeleen M.
    05/28/2020 17:42

    Dont believe everything posted. Yhe numbers arent rising and there is no proof this video was actually taken on 5/24. When this all started the same picture was posted for 2 different beaches.

  • Sharon M.
    05/27/2020 17:15

    So why is she on a podium with Trump and others all crowded together no masks -

  • Phil B.
    05/27/2020 14:33

    As the death toll rises, the Covid-45 cases multiply because of people like this. Oh well...you can’t educate the insane.

  • Kaitlin H.
    05/26/2020 23:55

    The stupidity of the people protesting the lockdown's doesn't surprise me anymore. But it is not worth your life or putting other people's lives at risk. Remember that next time you go out there and protest.

  • Joshua T.
    05/26/2020 15:15

    Darwin will solve this

  • Jackson J.
    05/26/2020 15:09


  • Brenda M.
    05/26/2020 13:30

    Trump continued his obsessive social media posting this afternoon with a tweet that demonstrates his true villainy. The tweet was an ill-timed Memorial Day attack on Congressman Connor Lamb (D-PA), a former Marine who turned a red district of Pennsylvania blue in a 2018 special election that was the harbinger of the “Blue Wave” that returned the House of Representatives to Democratic control. He couldn’t even spell the congressman’s name correctly. OD Action

  • João d.
    05/26/2020 13:00

    Have you noticed there’s something in common about these people in the videos?

  • Jennifer B.
    05/26/2020 12:45

    This is probably from a Russian bot that concert footage is from 2017...

  • Lance L.
    05/26/2020 11:59


  • Patrick B.
    05/26/2020 11:20

    I pray for e1 safety

  • James D.
    05/26/2020 07:35

    Deny medical care to those brain less people.

  • Marie W.
    05/26/2020 07:28

    How irresponsible One of the highest death rates of any country in the world and they act like this Proves they cannot be trusted

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