• Lydia G.
    04/20/2019 16:20

    I found what I was talking to you about. Texas isnt one.

  • Natalie R.
    11/17/2017 08:38

    I officially no longer live on planet earth

  • Selina T.
    04/21/2017 15:44

    Disappointed and disgusted my state (and any state for that matter) is on that list. 😕

  • Kathy D.
    04/21/2017 14:27

    this is insane!

  • Lauren H.
    04/21/2017 05:54

    ew ya state wack

  • Tiffany M.
    04/21/2017 05:09

    Caleb Howell

  • Tiffany M.
    04/21/2017 05:09

    what the HELL

  • Romario H.
    04/21/2017 05:05

    WTF!!!! Ladies and gentlemen I implore you to call your congressmen and congresswomen, representatives, mayors and let them know that this dumb shit that we're going to allow. Call your congressmen and Congresswomen in Alabama Mississippi North Dakota New Mexico Minnesota call them up and let them know the laws have to change because this is some bullshit

  • Veronica P.
    04/21/2017 04:38


  • Angela P.
    04/21/2017 04:27

    What is wrong with peopleeee. Rapists deserve nothing. Especially not a childdddd.

  • Elizabeth D.
    04/21/2017 04:23

    You don't have to hand over custody if you shoot that's sick fucker in the face like he deserves.

  • Sandy H.
    04/21/2017 04:18

    Only in America! It's disgusting!

  • Regina P.
    04/21/2017 04:12

    Jackie Hawkins what the heck!!!

  • Hanaan A.
    04/21/2017 04:11

    that's fucking sick

  • Joanna K.
    04/21/2017 04:10

    how. is. this. a. thing.

  • Yanina T.
    04/21/2017 04:09


  • Peri M.
    04/21/2017 03:56

    I cannot believe this is real. My heart hurts 😞

  • Elizabeth D.
    04/21/2017 02:53

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Kayla G.
    04/21/2017 02:48


  • Candace M.
    04/21/2017 02:43

    Yea and there will be a lot of women who will not tell that they have been rape because of this new law

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