• Bri A.
    11/02/2019 02:37

    Wtf. What if they were his adopted kids?

  • Nomar F.
    11/15/2018 21:41


  • Benny B.
    11/12/2018 11:58

    You see, that happen in this kind of case Diego Lasso is that people judge you before even talk to you , thas it¡ thats is exactly the point. Do you want to know something about somebody? Go straigth¡ ask him self buddie¡¡ we gonna fuckng thank u¡¡¡

  • Kelvin D.
    11/10/2018 06:57

    Jst climb the boats and come back to africa..

  • Clive S.
    11/10/2018 03:42

    So sad where rasism is leading this world too what has our world come too about hatred crime and all evil deeds..

  • ابتسام ا.
    11/09/2018 18:46

    لافرق بين الاسود والابيض التفرقة العنصرية لحد الان عدهم ويدعون بالحرية والانسانية

  • Stefan S.
    11/08/2018 22:51


  • Ninette S.
    11/08/2018 21:53


  • Israa M.
    11/07/2018 17:45

    Why is it that everyone is easily triggered ?! She was just concerned that something might be wrong and she took an action and the police man was polite and just had a conversation with the dude its not like he arrested him !

  • Maame A.
    11/06/2018 13:10

    I don't see anything wrong, officer doin his job. U will appreciate if someone das some for ur kids.

  • Dina G.
    11/06/2018 06:33

    One reason,me as a black person ,would not live in the USA

  • David C.
    11/04/2018 18:42

    That’s shameful 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mohamed W.
    11/04/2018 04:15

    Well that's just the reality of the world we live in no shocker!

  • Jose N.
    11/03/2018 20:30

    Racism still , white and black person have the same blood color, so don't judge a person on how he looks.

  • Roman K.
    11/02/2018 20:08

    Most cops ignore this little fact... that when they tell you that it's illegal to lie to cops, remind them that when the case is closed that they're more than welcome to charge you, cause until that point, whatever opinion that you might have to share, is nothing more than conjecture, which is subjective at best, and to arrest you is to do so illegally, as the facts are not in evidence, and thus it will be an arrest made solely on hearsay, which I believe is illegal, opening the door for a lawsuit. Never mind the fact that one is not legally required to report a crime.

  • Jhene R.
    11/02/2018 07:06

    Police doing their thing and he was polite,but that woman is a pure racist smh

  • Liu M.
    11/01/2018 17:41

    traduz esse mambo wey

  • Noel O.
    11/01/2018 16:07

    What wrong with that.stop with that’s thinking everting is racism

  • Orlando A.
    11/01/2018 02:59

    i recal my dad took us to el salvador me and my brother are black he is a hispanic persón and no one apoch him by asking him any question rasing is in the us

  • Engr Z.
    11/01/2018 02:54

    Where you leave

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