• Zinah S.
    10/11/2018 20:10

    Thats sad 💔

  • Paul D.
    10/11/2018 20:13

    To be fair to the cop, they got a call, so they HAVE to make an inquiry. It's on the person making the call, not the police.

  • Michael C.
    10/11/2018 20:27

    Not cops fault man its the lady that racially profiled him cmon we're not that naive to think this was all on the cop

  • Jim K.
    10/11/2018 20:30

    She should get an harassment charge.

  • Rory B.
    10/11/2018 20:33

    This is what I think. https://youtu.be/9jOqOlETcRU

  • Sandra H.
    10/11/2018 20:43

    That is very sad the lady called! Police have to investigate all calls. They did it respectfully---the shame is on the stupid lady who called!

  • Derrick C.
    10/11/2018 20:57

    The cop is at fault for agreeing that he stopped the man because he looked "suspicious" for being with 2 white kids. Why admit that unless he felt that way in his heart. Smdh....

  • Josh W.
    10/11/2018 20:58

    being black is "suspicious conduct"

  • Jessica S.
    10/11/2018 21:00

    Ok completely get the cop checking, but seriously?? They were with their teacher!🙄

  • Tony G.
    10/11/2018 21:10

    When the kids said they were with their teacher and babysitter,

  • Lem A.
    10/11/2018 21:11

    This is too sad to describe. White people, where your brains at?

  • Tony G.
    10/11/2018 21:15

    the stupid cop should have said ok and moved on to the caller to let her know. If she still complained the cop should have questioned her about her motive. A better cop would have done that.

  • Steve P.
    10/11/2018 21:26

    Guy was guilty of 3 crimes, being black, driving while black and being with 2 white kids while black. I worry for the soul of my country.

  • Peter R.
    10/11/2018 21:58

    If it were me, I would ask the officer to press charges against the woman for wasting police time. A false report is an offense.

  • Anabell H.
    10/11/2018 22:00

    What a sad world we live in:(..... poor man!! I would be upset too!! Any one of us would be if we were in his shoes

  • Amy L.
    10/11/2018 22:03

    Christ people!! Relax!

  • Jodi D.
    10/11/2018 22:18

    Thats sad 😢

  • Asher E.
    10/11/2018 22:31

    yes cause black folk are stealing white kids in droves. it's an epidemic....

  • Sharon T.
    10/11/2018 22:56

    This is so STUPID!!! I do not understand people anymore...thank goodness for Mr. Lewis!!! He is being responsible and taking care of the children...this is why I post things on FB about cats!!! I'm sick to death of STUPID people

  • Ali R.
    10/11/2018 22:56

    Babysit at home bro why you roaming around, she did the right thing anyone would unless you applied for a chauffeur.