• Idrees A.
    10/12/2018 23:19

    What a great job by police. Police officer's aim is to stop the people to take care of children.

  • Jana O.
    10/12/2018 13:29

    I've questioned a white male who was with a black little girl who was walking out of a Walmart. He was her dad (which at the time I didn't know) but I wanted to make sure she was safe and with someone she knew. In a world where kids are being taken I personally would thank someone if they did this to my kids. I would rather know that people care enough to ask questions than to see my kids be taken and/or hurt.

  • Brenda B.
    10/12/2018 09:57

    There are worse things to worry about than black men doing normal things. Sadly That lady probably doesn't get out much, doesn't use a computer, and watches the terrible things on the news each night. I wish they had her in the video. I am really curious what she looks like and why she would do this. I am angry this happened but I also know that she is a product of her environment, and in her mind this was a reason to call police. I agree with him not letting her talk to the children though. No telling what she would have said. Thank you to him for not letting race get in the way of helping that family and taking the kids out.

  • Onami O.
    10/12/2018 06:11

    Officer said " well 2 whites kids and a black man" as if thats an obvious reason and to her it was. Poor kids are now traumatized. They won't forget. Nor will he. He'll have to hire a white driver..smh

  • Estrella B.
    10/12/2018 03:51

    White Americans, back again in being a racist country????? WTH!!!!

  • Zhi Q.
    10/11/2018 20:51

    Meh I'd also call the police on a white guy carrying two black children.

  • Leoni M.
    10/11/2018 20:31

    The world is insane

  • Rosalba G.
    10/11/2018 20:19

    So, if you don’t like what you’re looking, you call the police..., Can that lady be fined for make a false report?

  • Sharon W.
    10/11/2018 19:36

    So sad people try to do good and look what happens

  • Denvor P.
    10/11/2018 19:22

    The officer was NOT in the wrong. He got a call from some racist person, but he still had to respond to it.

  • Umeyma Y.
    10/11/2018 18:38


  • Brut
    10/11/2018 13:51

    Viktor Stevenson was stopped and questioned by police while opening the door to his own small business.

  • Nathan A.
    10/11/2018 13:29

    I really can’t stand all this racist ignorance anymore.....all the child molesting going in their Caltholic churches, schools and homes but no body saw anything. Bitaach please go kill your stupid self

  • Judy R.
    10/11/2018 12:50

    How sad....this country will never change....Prejudice USA

  • Pam G.
    10/11/2018 12:48

    Wow What is this country coming to ? Jesus take the wheel ⎈⎈

  • Lendela K.
    10/11/2018 12:31

    it is common to see such stories..

  • Douglas A.
    10/11/2018 10:39

    The constitution didn't protect this guy from good intentioned pig just violating your rights under the same old excuse. Safety. Lol

  • Jade C.
    10/11/2018 10:08

    Sooo bad! I have a Australian Aboringnal father living in New Zealand ..not once has anyone looked at us thinking that growing up!

  • Khowla E.
    10/11/2018 08:30

    seriously no comment

  • Ahsan B.
    10/11/2018 07:50

    And ladies and gentlemen thats the so called Freedom they always talk about have, Burt presents you the American

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