Black children with white moms are sharing what it's like for them

"White moms or non-Black moms can't show you a perspective like how Black moms can." People are sharing a powerful message on social media about growing up biracial in white families.

05/04/2021 5:55 PMupdated: 05/04/2021 6:38 PM


  • Rasheeda J.
    10/09/2021 13:03


  • Elle M.
    09/21/2021 17:07

    This really worries me. My daughter is mixed white British(English) and black British(Jamaican). Her dad and I aren't together but are both involved in her life. Shes only 4 but she currently identifies as black. She knows she is both white like me and black like daddy but, she refers to herself as black. We live in a predominately white city and my family is all white so I try and make a point of reminding her how beautiful her blackness is, as well as just reminding her how awesome she is in general. We learn together at home about Jamaica where her dad's family come from, the history, the places and the people. But we also learn about my families side and Ireland where my ancestors come from. Learning recipes from both aswell. I work hard to diversify our home so books and toys represent both sides of her heritage and Ive tried to teach myself how to best take care of her hair to keep it healthy. She loves her afro but hates having it cared for. I'm trying to teach myself to cornrow and braid. Its difficult as a parent to know if you're doing the right thing without the added complexities of mixing cultures I suppose. I don't know if I'm doing it right, I hope I am. My daughter is confident and kind so maybe that's enough right now? I don't know. I hope her dad and I can teach her to love and appreciate both sides of our culture and heritage and that she doesn't feel alienated from either or as if she ever has to choose.

  • Lloyd G.
    09/20/2021 02:37

    White moms? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Francesca G.
    09/19/2021 20:31

    I felt this. I was raised by my gma who is Puerto Rican (afro latina) and I didn't even know I was Black (although I look like it and so does my gma), until I was an adult. My father died when I was a baby and i never knew his family until recently. My gma and my mother would both tell me "you're not Black, you're Puerto Rican" which was confusing bc some of my Puerto Rican family is Black or Afro Latino (this term was not a thing back then). So I would get so offended if a teacher or friend called me Black. My father, I came to find out about 5 or 6 years ago was a Black man with west indian ancestry. (Barbados and St. Thomas). And my Gma's great grandmother was a Black slave who belonged to a Spanish family in Puerto Rico. So not only was I Black bc of my father BUT the family telling me I wasnt Black was also Black and in denial (which is the case for a lot of Afro Latinos unfortunately). Of course I have educated my family with our history and will continue to do so. My generation is more accepting of our Afro Latino heritage. My mother still denies it bc of her white skin (her father, my gpa, is white). Even though the evidence is in writing (i found slave records and census records to back up my claims). It's so frustrating but I'm just glad my siblings, cousins and I embrace our African roots.

  • April M.
    09/19/2021 20:11

    I am white. My husband is black. My youngest 3 children are biracial. I have always made it an absolute point to teach them their heritage and where they come from both on their Dad's side and mine.

  • Ernest L.
    09/17/2021 04:12

    Black live matters threaten yiur life, wake up, its a communist organisation thwt wants to take YOUR BELONGING if ur not black. WAKE UP

  • Ernest L.
    09/17/2021 04:11

    A white mum gave birth to you, ... yet still racist???? Sjw taken to the next unimaginable level

  • Ernest L.
    09/17/2021 04:09

    Greeeeat stabing ur mum in the back. Stereotypes dont just pop out of no where, this is self hate on a other level

  • Brenda A.
    09/16/2021 19:10

    Mom's are Mom's ,but that narrative makes sense.

  • Michael D.
    09/14/2021 18:49

    My black people who always say love is love do you get the message. Race mixing won't erase racism whether you like it or not. Most of you are just driven by desire to have biracial babies and not love and that is just inbuilt self hate.Dont make your children to go through this hate they receive because they are biracial. I hope now you'll understand racism is not emotion based but a business. Some people are in the business of saving their race.

  • Phreland W.
    09/11/2021 11:06


  • Kalika T.
    08/31/2021 01:07

    This video is so on point. This is exactly the experience of being a biracial child born to a white mother and black father. From the internalized racism to ignorance about our culture to having to figure things out on our own later in life. Like the guy said, society doesn’t see us as “half-black” and deny us half a job or half-discriminate against us. We are black, period. It would have been nice to have strong black family members to help guide me through a world entrenched in systemic racism and frequent subtle/overt discrimination instead of being repeatedly shocked by it as I became an adult.

  • Starkwan B.
    08/30/2021 00:26

    what you think

  • Tarsha F.
    08/30/2021 00:03

    Also these kids grow up without their black fathers and that only adds to their feelings of being alienated. Yes! These guys also leave their preferences to be single mothers. Well what do you know. Black women aren’t the problem it’s black men..but we’ve known that for decades now. My bad. Proceed.

  • Christine M.
    08/29/2021 14:47

    I feel like we need another video for those of us that have different experiences as a mixed child.... Yes, my mother is white, but I had to go through so much racism and see her go through it from the black community.... we all act like it only comes from one side, but it doesn't. "You don't count," is a phrase I hear a lot from the black side. But, I know this is not all black Americans that feel this way. Point is racism is racism it happens in a communities, it needs to stop.

  • Janet M.
    08/27/2021 07:49

    This needs to stop sorry but black is a dominant gene get use to it 🤩🤩🤩

  • M R.
    08/27/2021 06:21

    I am white my partner of 12 years is cape verdian, we have 2 kids The girl guess what? shes like her dad, and the boy? guess what? white like momy,till he get some sun, after sun bath they still look like mumy/daddy...And YES We are proud of our kids...And will continue to be proud of them, never mind wich way they will go...This is reason we are parents guide them, help them, crying with them...Let them go, they know ours door always open

  • Keith W.
    08/26/2021 14:43

    You have to question the original premise to acquire the full context. So apparently a single race of human are called two races or more. This not because they can’t interbreed like cats and dogs but because there ancestors lived on different part of planet at some point and therefore look a little different. It’s like different coloured smarties needing to be called different races of smarties. Then when you have first grasped this you can understand this is about power and the excuses we make in order to claim unfair advantages.

  • AhTian N.
    08/26/2021 10:31


  • Amanda R.
    08/26/2021 00:43

    Yup attacking white woman full out. Yo when will yall stop?

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