Black children with white moms are sharing what it's like for them

"White moms or non-Black moms can't show you a perspective like how Black moms can." People are sharing a powerful message on social media about growing up biracial in white families.

05/04/2021 5:55 PMupdated: 05/04/2021 6:38 PM


  • Hollie S.
    15 hours

    Ok so I'm , Native American, Irish, And Jew (by blood not religion) My husband is German and African American. So exactly which culture are you supposed to teach?? Ok you teach them all... I can't understand how anyone can sit there and say my white mom .. how do you put a color in front of your mom? how do you put a race in front of your mom?. When my husband and I are talking about race and anyone asks our race we both just look at them and say we're mutts .. none of their business.. it can't be just about your race it has to be about your whole experiences. I know they're good and bad moms everywhere but ideally a mother tries to teach and love you the best of her ability and to make her feel bad because she is a quote unquote white mom that's awful... honestly I hope none of the moms see this video cuz it would shatter my heart if it was my child making it seem like I didn't do my best because I'm not the right color

  • Niecy L.
    a day

    I don’t care if you have mixed children. If you say the N-word when addressing the father of your child then you’re a racist. Some of these men take no pride in the type of women they lay with.

  • Stormy T.
    a day

    I don't think this is you. Just thought you might find this insightful.

  • Jenny D.
    a day

    I can relate

  • Faye R.
    2 days

    Am i the only missing something here... Why can't your daddy teach you about what it means to be black?!.. i lived with black women my entire life. Noone has ever talked to me about being black 🤷‍♀️

  • Sarah H.
    2 days

    the brainwashing and racism is disgusting. Smh. "Most ____ people ____ ." Generalizations and ignorance

  • Afriadoni
    2 days

    Why the FK RACE always be an issue for you in US? IS THAT MATTER?

  • Chris R.
    3 days

    Mixed Latino/White with only my white mom in my life. She raised me well, but I have huge cultural gaps I’m desperately working on filling for my Latino side.

  • Jeff H.
    4 days

    Garbage. Identify as a human being not a color.

  • Chinedu O.
    4 days

    Rave baiting This is utter Garbage

  • Lori B.
    4 days

    From their facial figures to their hair texture…. Geez in my opinion none of them look bi racial 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔 to me. Ijs

  • Levi N.
    5 days

    Most judgments are based on a person’s choices, their attitude, and actions. People from the “hood” or “ghetto” have just as much negativity as people from trailer parks, both sets tend to make bad choices like skipping an education, committing crimes, doing drugs, and constantly blaming others for the conditions they live in. These videos are not helpful as they promote hate and racism, “oh you have a white parent so you are the cause of problems because a white person helped bring you into this world and you should be only black”. Maybe treat everyone with respect and judge them in their individual actions and choices in life.

  • Andrea B.
    5 days

    Black women been having mixed children for centuries and they were treated bad as slaves but they loved and took care of their children.So shout out to the black mothers who had mixed children against their wills

  • Terry P.
    5 days

    Not true most mixed children choose to be identified as black rather than white and still use the white privilege excuse for not being treated the same even though one parent is white and one black. Why

  • Earth K.
    6 days

    This needs to shared a lot. Racist are married to the very people they pretend not to hate.

  • Benita J.
    6 days

    Where are their black fathers? Biracial children with black mothers do have this issue because the black women, even if with a person of another color, still embrace their blackness.

  • Joia J.
    6 days

    My native american mom showed me more how to identify with my culture more than my father did. She exposed me more to my black culture than she did to her own, but she encouraged me to embrace both equally, whether educated/practicing of our traditions or not.

  • Adrieann B.
    07/24/2021 00:37

    I’m glad my mom is open minded and doesn’t accept Racism at all. But it did go through some self hate as a teen bc I went to a white high school but left from there bc I didn’t like how I felt going there.

  • Keith M.
    07/23/2021 22:34

    These young people are being taught to be insecure in themselves by being told they are missing out on something. People are preying on their insecurities to push this fake, racist idea of what "blackness" and "whiteness" is. They are beautiful people who are being taught to hate their mom for her skin color.

  • Keith M.
    07/23/2021 22:27

    Ok. Define Black Culture.