Black culture and veganism, explained

No, being vegan isn't just for "white girls." Black people represent the fastest-growing vegan demographic in the country. Here's why. @theinvisiblevegan

02/10/2021 1:28 PMupdated: 02/10/2021 1:56 PM


  • Paul W.
    03/03/2021 00:10

    I'm Vegan, never occured to me for a second that it was any colour issue at all....

  • Skyler C.
    03/01/2021 01:01

    Stop making literally everything about race. Just be a vegan. Eat plants be happy

  • John F.
    02/26/2021 10:02

    Love this. Living vegan is a step forward in dismantling colonialism 💯

  • Kaitlin S.
    02/20/2021 16:10

    Y'all can eat whatever you want but just know I will be eating double meat just to make up for it 😜

  • Helder E.
    02/19/2021 15:06

    This post is racist , black vegan ?if you hare whit or black why har all people , stop making groups by color or gender .

  • Tom K.
    02/18/2021 16:51

    I would love to hear what Mexicans Asians Jews etc say about white peoples. I have no doubt they are every bit as prejudiced as whites. Are whites any better or worse than any other race.? Probably notThe sooner people grow weary of all this nonsense the better for everyone. It’s like picking at a scab. Leave the wound alone and it will heal quicker.

  • Billy H.
    02/18/2021 05:26

    That’s so racist

  • Tom K.
    02/17/2021 08:27

    Every thing looks like a nail to a man with a hammer

  • Charlene K.
    02/17/2021 05:17

    Yeah because the cows your saving give a fuck about the colour of your skin 🤣 thought it was about the animals and this woman’s making it about race ffs

  • Cory W.
    02/16/2021 16:44

    No how to end veganism? Let covid hit grocery chains and show u personally cant grow enough food to suport yourself threw a calander yr

  • Cory W.
    02/16/2021 16:41

    Suuuuure what socialist commie group TOLD AND SCRIPTRED YOU TO SAY THAT? Lol last time i checked so called white people diet consisted of alot of red meat and fish. So stop lien cause i can smell ur bullshit from a mile away.

  • Linda H.
    02/16/2021 14:14

    You are funny.

  • Richie W.
    02/16/2021 12:59

    Zzzzzzz This is just "Americanism" at it's fullest. Vegan is not new or white, Rastafarian community have been vegan for TIME...but call it ITAL. Rasta has been preaching ITAL eating since forever, but now it's on trend and called vegan. Education is fundamental.

  • John J.
    02/16/2021 12:34

    Sounds racist to me all about color white , black ?

  • Kevin P.
    02/16/2021 12:16

    But this is not a race issue is it? Isn’t it simply a life choice?

  • Amber A.
    02/16/2021 11:13

    A bicycle wheel that fights air pollution

  • Olivier A.
    02/16/2021 11:10

    Education and misinformation. Rastafaris are vegan 🙂

  • Zach F.
    02/16/2021 04:26

    you can eat 100% plant-based and still will be doing NOTHING but contributing to the destruction of the earth, environment, ecosystems, animals and their habitats if you're buying CONVENTIONALLY GROWN food what matters is sustainable/regenerative agriculture, living symbiotically and synergistically with the earth if you actually care about animals, learn about agricultural methods worms and bugs in the soil, manure for fertilizer (and if you think 'well just use synthetic fertilizers' then you need to educate yourself on the process of manufacturing and learn how ABSOLUTELY TOXIC POLLUTION that shit is and what it does to the environment/ecosystems/earth), bees for pollination, etc. we're all deeply connected in the cycle of life life feeds on life, and all life is sacred

  • Murimê S.
    02/16/2021 03:36

    My husband is black, my daughter is mixed. I’m very close to his entire family and the only actual vegan i know is his niece. It is though getting a bit much with all the things on tv, especially American tv, that go out of their way to show black people saying “ white people this, white people that”. It almost feels like reverse psychology. In my house we constantly joke back forth in our private home about our cultural differences and with friends who are on the same level. But this constant, especially since BLM related news last may, of pushing nearly every ad that has to now have a black person in it ( which is great, but there are many other races other than black or white right all feels a bit false) or any show that is black centric, making sure to include every reference made about white people, which they could easily edit out or just say it’s a double standard so try not to say it whilst filming. Because as much as it looks like we are trying to be diverse, it is reverse psychology race baiting. If you constantly tell someone how they should be thinking, they will inevitably push back. I’ve had dozens of conversations this year with my husband and daughter regarding this observation and they as people of colour agree with me. We live in the UK, and there is racism but it’s no where near as multi levelled as it is the states. Black people in the states have earned the right to say whatever they want about white people, they have for centuries and still do suffer just because of their skin colour. However, where and when does it end? In our homes or with our friends we should be able to say whatever we want, but outside of those parameters people get offended. It’s not what is said, but the intent behind it and right now on forums like this, people are just looking for a reason to be offended and the real conversations aren’t going anywhere.

  • Lupeş L.
    02/16/2021 02:16

    Another @tup|d b|tch. Get a fokin' FF BLS(h|t).

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