Brandon Bernard executed despite calls for clemency

“I am not the same person I was at that time.” Brandon Bernard was the 9th person federally executed in 2020 after a 17-year pause. These were his words in 2016.

12/11/2020 9:27 PMupdated: 12/11/2020 10:11 PM


  • Amy M.
    12/14/2020 20:33

    Coulda, woulda, those folks you killed wished they still had those options.

  • Abraham A.
    12/13/2020 07:03

    100% justified. Don't burn people to death. Next...

  • Rland R.
    12/13/2020 01:19

    Burn in hell mofo

  • Jeff P.
    12/12/2020 19:53

    The people murdered don’t get to crochet blankets or read books.

  • Brut
    12/12/2020 17:58

    The only woman on federal death row is set to be executed in January. Lisa Montgomery's sister is asking President Trump to spare her life...

  • Joseph S.
    12/12/2020 16:51

    After what you did, they should of executed you a long time ago. I wasted tax money.

  • Abi R.
    12/12/2020 08:37

    If he was truly a changed man who truly comprehend the gravity of his violent crime which took two lives, he would have took his own life and spared the hangman the trauma of having to take another life. Instead he appealed against the death penalty ?? Nah, no tears for you. Bye bye 👋😁

  • Mohamed G.
    12/12/2020 08:32

    There’s nothing wrong with his death what is wrong with you people?? You want murderers to live?? He set people on fire, he deserves the death penalty. Try to convince me in wrong 😂

  • Otibacchus O.
    12/12/2020 06:43

    Rest in peace bros . A better World in plain sight.

  • Owen R.
    12/12/2020 05:17

    Justice has been served. One of the worst things a man can do is cry like a baby and a coward when facing death especially when you know you are guilty.

  • Roger L.
    12/12/2020 03:55

    But he didn’t mean to do it,💩🤓😡👺🙃bull crap.

  • Sharon L.
    12/12/2020 03:18

    Nothing will bring back the victims. However I believe in redemption and rehabilitation This man is genuinely sorry for what he did unlike others. Paul in the bible was a killer but redeemed by Christ. It sounds like this man was too. RIP Brandon.

  • Hector V.
    12/12/2020 02:50


  • Nancy A.
    12/12/2020 01:59

    thought of you and all your work you do with community. 😢

  • Ismaelguadalupe D.
    12/12/2020 01:02

    Rest in peace you reap in life what you sow in life 17 years ago you took someone's life for those 17 years that you have been in prison that family has been taking flowers to the grave site why you are still receiving letters friends and family it's time to pay son ask a good Lord to forgive you cuz I believe now the other family will be in peace too

  • Ganesh K.
    12/12/2020 00:44

    Why should a criminal who's crime was proved and convicted be saved and cried for? Is this some joke?? 🙄🙄 He's saying he's sorry to the victims family.... Oh God.. What a noble man.. Then he shouldn't have done the cold blooded murder at the first place... Is it some form of twisted morality to name the "convicted criminal" to "noble family man" and say RIP??? The guy committed crime and he's rightly convicted... He should rot in hell... And why should be there a sympathy element added that he's a BLACK MAN? He's a convicted criminal... What's that got to the race, colour, caste etc... Seriously disgusting....

  • Bryce P.
    12/12/2020 00:39

    Yeah your victims arnt the same people they were that day either. They were alive and well.

  • Tim M.
    12/12/2020 00:36

    He lit 2 people in a trunk on fire, one was still alive, I got no. Compassion

  • Rachel C.
    12/12/2020 00:33

    😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 "An eye for an eye will only end up making the whole world blind." - Gandhi 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • Julio G.
    12/11/2020 23:18

    Finding god,apologizing,and good behavior after the fact doesn’t cut it.He needed to pay his debt to society and he has.justice has been served.there is no mistake here .he committed the murders and has admitted to them.if the left is going to use his case to help their fight against the death penalty they have chosen a poor case for an example.he was found guilty and admitted to the crime of a double closed.May he RIP

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