Breaking Gender Stereotypes With Pole Dancing

Who says pole dancing is just for women?

One of the many benefits of pole dance is that it raises your self-esteem

Ferios enjoys pole dancing — and fights against the stereotypes associated with it. There is this outdated belief that pole dancing and related activities that are reserved for sensual or exotic looking women. While this activity was often identified with the femininity of women, this present day, men are now embracing pole dancing as a fun and strength intensive workout activity. In addition, there are famous male pole dancers like Evgeny Grishlov who runs Open Dance Academy which consists of many online pole dance lessons teaching guys and girls the way to properly start pole dancing.

Bernardo Casillas has participated in several competitions in Mexico and overseas. He trains men who have an interest in pole dancing and wish to make it a hobby a sport an erotic activity. One of the biggest advantages and the biggest benefits of pole dance is that it raises your self-esteem. Some guys train really hard and are really good, and they shut down the prejudices like, “it’s a sport for women only,” “it’s a sport for gay men only,” “it’s a feminine sport,” “it’s a dance sport.” That’s not true,” Casillas tells Brut.

Today, pole dances are now considered not just an entertainment, but also a great way to keep your body in shape. Once you get into this highly physical activity, you can pull off different tricks and turns, like twists and flips, which can go a long way in improving your body. According to pole professionals and fitness instructors in the business, regular pole dancing activities can help tone your muscles, build your abs and even improve the other muscles in other parts of the body very quickly. For many male pole dancers, this activity can be similar to gym activities, thanks to the positive effects it brings to the body.


October 20, 2019 10:22 AM