Brooke Guinan first transgender firefighter

Brooke Guinan is the first FDNY firefighter to come out as a trans woman. Now she is an LGBTQ advocate for firefighters.

06/26/2017 10:00 PM
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  • Nevin S.
    03/02/2018 13:37

    the only mental health disorder which is celebrated

  • Adam D.
    03/01/2018 02:07

    Brad Price she he kinda look like you

  • Tosh D.
    02/28/2018 23:40

    This whole transgender thing is like the “is the dress black and blue or gold and white”.

  • Brandon H.
    02/28/2018 21:13

    This a whole man

  • Said S.
    02/28/2018 21:04

    Soo disgusting

  • Larisa V.
    02/28/2018 20:56

    Who does this look like lmao

  • Matt M.
    02/28/2018 20:44

    The whole trans thing is whatever, but he looks a little, what's the word, fat, to pass the firefighters test/physical.

  • Jimmie S.
    02/28/2018 20:43


  • Curtis S.
    02/28/2018 19:54

    So is this supposed to be a good and acceptable thing, did anyone tell him he cannot enter heaven Lgbtq.

  • Christopher S.
    02/28/2018 19:16

    I have NO respect for anyone's anything, ever. Therefore I will comment EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what this person wants to be respected as, because how else will I show you how much smarter I am than you? I have to cater to my primal needs to be an angry, self-indulgent garbage can because other people who are comfortable with themselves make me highly uncomfortable! That's how all of you grown adults sound bullying someone for their choice. Why not just go "Oh, okay. cool. As long as you're qualified for the job." Oh wait, that's because anything remotely new scares the hell out of most people.

  • Wade A.
    02/28/2018 18:59

    this could be Lyon!

  • Haille H.
    02/28/2018 18:21

    wow what a lady

  • Lucas M.
    02/28/2018 18:05

    It looks confused.

  • Daniel H.
    02/28/2018 18:04

    Lol good for him but his mind set need to change never give in bud good for you. But you ugly lol

  • Linda B.
    02/28/2018 18:04

    As long as you're doing your job hey there's no problem with that hey do your thing I bet you are a great firefighter not a problem love you peace and progress

  • صدام ع.
    02/28/2018 16:15

    شنو القصه

  • Kirk S.
    02/28/2018 16:13

    Shouldn’t be able to rather die than let him get me

  • Ken F.
    02/28/2018 15:51


  • Mark S.
    02/28/2018 14:55

    Theres hope for you yet

  • Daniel C.
    02/28/2018 14:36

    he’s gonna give you mouth to mouth