Bullying is Not the Jedi Way!

Luke Skywalker himself rallied behind this student after he was bullied. 🙌

09/02/2018 9:01 PM
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  • Ngozi U.
    09/02/2018 21:15

    Parents must instill and teach compassion in thier kids !!

  • Tim L.
    09/02/2018 21:32

    Sue their parents, because they are responsible for their child behaviors.

  • Nápoles H.
    09/02/2018 21:42

    I hope he wont be bullied after his speech. 😬

  • Alejandro B.
    09/02/2018 22:00

    A very confused kid

  • Jacob S.
    09/02/2018 22:25 give speeches now when the get bullied..?

  • Leila L.
    09/02/2018 22:27

    OK,you'ré right.

  • Brad P.
    09/02/2018 22:38

    Put that fat kid in a karate class and that's the end of it

  • Corazon F.
    09/03/2018 00:06

    Bullies are evil & not be tolerated

  • Paisley C.
    09/03/2018 01:03

    Facebook bullies get off their technology and consciously or unconsciously teach their children to bully. Lets be kind again. LOVE IS WHY WE ARE HERE.

  • Jonathan R.
    09/03/2018 02:24

    Maybe if people would teach their kid to stand up for their self and others and not find a safe space we wouldn't have all this bullshit because they wouldn't make themselfs a target

  • Caroline B.
    09/03/2018 03:41

    What has happened to well-behaveda. children? I feel for this youngster

  • Janice B.
    09/03/2018 04:44

    this is nerdy and wholesome

  • Cliff K.
    09/03/2018 05:21

    Being pushed into a locker because someone was in a hurry is not bullying and the kid apologized for it

  • Michael C.
    09/03/2018 07:50

    move2madrid dot com

  • Jennhael A.
    09/03/2018 07:58

    When you live in the animal country so that you get.

  • Gtehk I.
    09/03/2018 11:35

    It’s not the Jedi way‼️🤷‍♂️

  • Leoni M.
    09/03/2018 14:30

    Bullies make themselves feel better about themselves, by picking on someone they know they can

  • Mark R.
    09/03/2018 15:12

    This is dumb. Bet he got bullied a lot nore after pickin up that mic and talkin about the "jedi way". Smh its natural selection .... i was bullied as a kid and tbh Im glad i was. It made me... not this kid! Lol keep givin em all trophys and microphones 2 cry in front of... we r fuckin doomed! Hahaha

  • Shane V.
    09/03/2018 15:29

    Kids, no matter how many rules their teachers implement, no matter how harsh the punishment handed down from the school district office is, will ALWAYS bully each other.

  • Madan L.
    09/03/2018 15:33