• Stevenson C.
    09/14/2019 20:08

    Just teach your kid to box, only way to stop bullying .

  • Jose M.
    02/10/2019 10:50

    This kid needs to join the dark side and become a Sith Lord so he won’t get bullied 😂😂

  • Jei P.
    09/16/2018 03:48

    This kid was so clever ( metaphorically speaking) and use the Jedi way! Simply clever! You are awesome kid! And so very right! Bulling needs to stop.

  • Jei P.
    09/16/2018 03:42

    You are amazing kid! The force is with you my dear,

  • Azeema Y.
    09/05/2018 14:47

    I don't get it, teachers just have to put zero tolerance on bullying, I can't bleave it's still so bad.

  • Matt N.
    09/05/2018 09:37

    When he named dropped🤦‍♂️😂

  • Opal A.
    09/04/2018 12:50

    Thank you parent for allowing this child to say something to the school board because something has to be done,because no one cares anymore, and just the school is not doing anything about it.

  • Robert C.
    09/04/2018 07:46

    perhaps kid but humanity can’t change for the better doesn’t matter who you are even though a few might change the rest may not

  • Tee J.
    09/04/2018 07:03

    The kid has a point...

  • Hector B.
    09/04/2018 07:02

    What the school district is doing about this issue.... or the school

  • Ericka S.
    09/04/2018 05:49

    I FOUND IT!!

  • Troy D.
    09/04/2018 05:26

    This kid needs to get quicker hands. Do you know how many times I was pushed into lockers. You gotta throw them hands up so you don't crack ye skull khed.

  • Servando R.
    09/04/2018 04:58

    This is why you dont let them watch Star Wars, instead show your kids some Dragon Ball Z and i bet you he'd fight back. 👍😉

  • Narcisa G.
    09/04/2018 04:23

    Of course is bullying!! I taught my son not to let anyone touch him, or bother hin anyway, nobody deserves that treat!!! Stop the bullying, stops saying that's nothing, it is really serious!!

  • Paulina S.
    09/04/2018 03:29


  • Stone S.
    09/04/2018 02:34


  • Stone S.
    09/04/2018 02:34

    Smart kid hell yeaàaah the force be with u kid

  • Josh T.
    09/04/2018 02:02

    And then the kid woke up and realized life isn’t fair. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

  • Jack J.
    09/04/2018 01:52

    Well there is always a thing called juvi it like jail for big people on little that’s how it should be assault is assault point blank

  • Shyheim F.
    09/03/2018 23:53

    What happened wasn't a case of bullying though. To bully is to hurt someone or discourage them with intent for some kind of satisfaction. Bullying is most of the time premeditated. I'm sorry for what happened to the kid but heads up. Your speech speaks more toward the lines of over-organization. That leads to forced conformity and more single minded though processes of the general populace. Like it is cool to be speaking against bullying but use an actual example not something you know was not a case of bullying

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