• Richard P.
    03/01/2017 17:22


  • Dinno E.
    03/01/2017 14:55

    just because the media seeks real answers from you don't mean they are your enemy.

  • Namon K.
    03/01/2017 13:02

    But Trump lies all the time... N gets caught in his lies all the time. How can we trust what he says. How can he call something fake smh

  • Ian M.
    03/01/2017 12:37

    This is not democracy!! Total jokes!! https://youtu.be/7QxKWdu6VFw

  • Chris L.
    03/01/2017 09:24

    Just because the common line is that our media is "free" doesn't mean it actually is free. All major news sources are controlled and are mostly "fake news", including FOX. Trump certainly lies a lot and tries to spin this to his advantage but he is correct to say that the media is the enemy of the American people. They certainly don't look out for the best interests of the people. All you need to do is research Operation Mockingbird, realize that it never actually ended (with all the "former" CIA "interns" and military black ops people in the major media corporations it clearly just goes under a different name now) and you will realize how fake and deceptive the media is. Trump is no truth-teller but on this issue Bush is the liar. A free press is certainly key to democracy, but what people who say this fail to take into account is that our press most certainly isn't free. Try submitting a story that challenges the official government story on some major event and see what happens. That's not free.

  • Fari R.
    03/01/2017 08:22

    There is absolutely no way to say something about this without someone telling you how stupid you are.

  • Gabrielle F.
    03/01/2017 05:38

    Your just upset cause the news talks about you & they bring thing to light that u are doing wrong already as president

  • Gabrielle F.
    03/01/2017 05:38

    Shut up Donald

  • Amanda S.
    03/01/2017 03:25

    When did bush become a voice of reason?!?

  • Joseph L.
    03/01/2017 03:22

    People open your eyes

  • Antonio N.
    03/01/2017 03:02

    Lol trump makes bush look innocent, even though so much fucked up things happen under his rule.

  • Kendall T.
    03/01/2017 01:00

    I love GWB

  • Chris C.
    02/28/2017 23:48

    Lets get this straight unless you agree with Trump in everything *cough* Fox News *cough* he will call you fake news.

  • Ethan M.
    02/28/2017 23:27

    I wouldn't mind the Media at all, if they reported fair, accurate, relevant, and critically important News. We have the right to be informed on everything yet the Media only chooses to report shit they make up, exaggerate, or that is completely useless

  • La C.
    02/28/2017 23:12

    Wow...!! Good for Bush

  • Randy P.
    02/28/2017 22:59

    There goes fake media editing

  • Ian H.
    02/28/2017 22:27

    Bahahahahahaha wow George making trump a fool is hilarious in itself,

  • Lenin R.
    02/28/2017 22:17


  • Jorge R.
    02/28/2017 21:34

    Fake news isnt real news then what exactly are "alternative facts" trump you idiot keep digging your hole man.

  • Ryan J.
    02/28/2017 21:33

    is it bad to miss even him now too? Lol

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