Busy Philipps Testifies Before Congress About The Abortion She Had at 15

"It is my body, not the state's." Busy Philipps testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee about terminating a pregnancy at 15 years old — and why restrictive abortion laws are bad for women.

Actress Busy Philipps gave a gripping and emotional take down of the wave of anti-abortion laws being passed across the country.

After delivering a moving speech on her former talk show, Busy Tonight, about why she chose to get an abortion as a young teenager, Busy Philipps testified in front of Congress in regard to the current terrorizations to women’s reproductive rights in our country. CBS News reported that Philipps, who was encouraged to testify by a House Judiciary subcommittee, spoke at length about her personal story on abortion — which occurred at the age of 15 in her home state of Arizona. She gave a passionate take down of the wave of anti-abortion laws in front of the House Judiciary Committee to fight for your rights through activism.

Philipps first shared her #feminism story after a Georgia bill banning abortion at 6 weeks was signed into law. Philipps is one of the many celebrities who have spoken out against restrictive anti-abortion legislation in recent months. Mississippi, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Ohio have also passed abortion restrictions. Alabama passed a ban in almost all cases.

Nearly 1 in 4 American women have an abortion by age 45 based on Guttmacher Institute. Touching on Georgia’s divisive anti-abortion law and the hurdles women have to go through to have the procedure in many states, Philipps outlined what it would take for a woman to safely receive an abortion in Arizona today. The actress said during her testimony that she stands by her decision to have an abortion.