California's housing crisis

For these Californians, "home" is a 32-square-foot pod, an RV or a car. In the wealthiest state of the U.S., now under mandatory stay-at-home restrictions, the housing crisis has left many behind...

04/04/2020 2:01 PM


  • Bob C.
    3 hours

    750... thats robery

  • George N.
    3 hours

    Don’t understand a studio apt is 1500 a month why don’t two people get together and share I would rather share a room with one person then 10

  • Nanic P.
    8 hours


  • Enial A.
    9 hours

    Pelosi is blind and deaf!

  • Khaly B.
    9 hours

    It’s funny how they spend billions to conquer Mars or go to the moon meanwhile on earth people’s paying 750/month for 32 square feet “apt”. SHAME!!!

  • Alan M.
    12 hours

    They made the decision to go to California without a plan.. that’s not a crisis.. that’s irresponsible choices..

  • William K.
    12 hours

    $1,500-$1,600 for a studio apartment, which could be shared, would cost $750-$800 each. That is the same price they’re paying to live in a room with 10 other people.

  • Malaefono F.
    13 hours

    Exactly. We Can Do Better. By. All. Working As A Team! For. A. Common Goals! Humans = Mankind. Blessings And Happiness. XOX 🌈❤️🌹

  • Malaefono F.
    13 hours

    I’m Amazed. Yet. See. The. Practicality Of It! Early In The Piece. I. Suggested. Little Houses. For. The. Homeless. Yet. These Coffin Space Cubicle. Is. Quite Fine And Serves! It’s. Purpose! Blessings And Happiness. XOX 🌈❤️🌹

  • Curra D.
    14 hours


  • Philip P.
    14 hours

    Cut the red tape and regulations and let developers build and do what they do best...its a supply problem driving up the prices, I'd rather share a studio with 1 person, 750.00 seems awfully expensive

  • Joe L.
    15 hours

    This is what you get for voting Democrat.

  • Claudine G.
    15 hours

    Crazy & unsafe

  • Joe V.
    16 hours

    it's crazy tent cities

  • Hadrian W.
    17 hours

    DAVOSreset and the Libtardian’s love it... and of course global crisis like the current global mr POTATO HEAD CRISIS?

  • Eric R.
    17 hours

    Cool your dream is to be broke and live in 32 square feet....sounds like a good plan

  • Laurie S.
    17 hours

    That's the price one pays for living in glorious CA? CA does not come close to exemplifying normal America and the American dream.

  • Cristina N.
    18 hours

    Communist California. What's there to expect?

  • Katherine R.
    19 hours

    Only seconds in and I feel Claustrophobic

  • Lee A.
    a day

    I'm in Michigan and I pay 850 for a 4 bedroom farmhouse on a bunch of property. 750 for a pod is insanity

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